Friday, 3 June 2016

The Urban Cross

The urban cross.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Datsun India is launching redi-Go and it is claimed to be the first urban cross in India. It is a fusion of crossover and a hatchback type.
Now, before the launch, Datsun India website has the specifications of the car, and in this post we are going to see about some of the features.
When we want to buy a car, even though we look into the detailed specifications and the reviews, it is seen only much later.
What attracts us first is the exterior design and that is it. Only if the exterior is good enough to lure us in, we will dig deep and find out it's worth. It may not be the cause for all. But will hold true for people like me.
After the appearance check has been done, we then proceed further. After all, it is not something that we are going to buy everyday.
In a country like ours, for a person to get a car itself is a big boon. So, a little research never hurts anyone.
Now, the Datsun website has provided us some good things to look at.
I will talk about a few of it.

First and foremost, about the fuel economy. In the present era, where the fuel prices are always on the rise, we must take that into mind when we look into a car. We don't want to buy a car just for the looks, and what if it ends up giving you less km/lit. This redi-Go from Datsun claims to give 25.17 km/lit. That is pretty impressive, and that will be the first thing i would like to check out. If the claim is true, then it would really make our wallets all giggly. Now, who wouldn't want a smile?

Now that the important part has been looked into, we will see a few more.

The next would be space. Most of us do not buy cars just for one person. It is usually for the family. And so, you definitely need ample amount of space. You don't want anyone to feel suffocated and congested. redi-go claims a spacious interior. It is a five seater, and since it is a mix of a crossover and hatchback, you can relax, because there is still space for your travel bags at the back. You don't have to leave out a family member from a tour just to create a space for your duffel bag. It looks all settled in this car. Also, no one wants a family feud.

The next thing that we will be wanting to know is about it's performance.
The redi-go from Datsun has I-SAT (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology), which will enhance the experience of the user. The website alos boasts of a small turning radius. If you find yourself affronted by a hindrance, and the only way is to turn in the smallest road possible, the Datsun company claims that their redi-go is capable of doing it. A full turn can be made with just a 4.7cm radius.

Having said about three features which i felt were prominent, i would like to glance through other features.

The car boasts about the high stance it provides. Now, you don't have to lift half of your weight just to leave way for the cat that has just crossed. And, if you are a person who is blessed with more brain power than height, you will know the difficulty. With a higher stance, you can enjoy the surroundings as good as a person who towers over you.

Datsun also boasts about the safety features they have provided in this car. It has performance augmented brakes, which will provide the shortest braking distance. It also has Reinforced Crash protection shell, the function of which you can understand from the name itself. For the crashes.
These are some of the things that i wanted to talk about. We will have to wait for the launch to check all the claims, and i hope that the company is true to its word, and provides the best possible user experience. And, i would like to take it for a drive through the roads of Chennai.

For more details check out the Datsun India website.

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