Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Forever and Ever

You can never have what you want,
Life gives you one disappointment.
It crunches your soul,
And buries you alive.

You take years to recover,
And you come out, seeking sunshine.
The lightened path will glisten,
And welcome you with open arms.

Only to push you to a new path,
And you tread it with little confidence,
Only to fall even harder.

This time fall will hurt,
And hurt, and hurt.
Nothing to treat and nothing to beat it.

It will hurt you,
Until your soul bleeds,
And numbs you.

All day long, it makes you weep,
At night, it doesn't let you sleep.

You live with it,
Carrying forward.
And time will tell you,
One valuable lesson.

This is not the last.
And also, it will not last,

But, time will not tell you,
One more thing,
The scar left behind,
Will not heal,

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