Friday, 21 April 2017

Pages of Life

The pages went on and on,
The story began from nowhere,
Her eyes were staring at the words,
The continuous string of emotions,
Love, resentment, anger and hunger,
All strolled on the words.

She was staring at it,
The blank pages looked back at her,
In it was her story.
Her story weaved into a mysterious plot,
So mysterious that it exhausting.

Mind and heart played the protagonists,
Forming a triangle of love,
With her life.

Why can't life be simple?
Than being a cramping pain!
Insecurities bubbling with emotions,
Dramas played every now and then.
We look at many outbursts,
And then there is the antagonist!

Clothed from head to toe in black,
Face covered with an even darker mask.
Eyes with a glint of the darkest sea.
Staying silent and suddenly,
Paying along with the other three.
"Why don't you show your face?" She asked.
"Life doesn't happen your way darling!"
The epitome of darkness said,
With a voice so chilling and,
At the same time exotic!

She tried going after the darkness,
To unveil the stranger.
The mask was removed.
And she looked at the stranger,
No longer a stranger.

The familiar face vanished.
And there stood another person.
Stranger than the strangest.
And the darkness was too much,
That she was enveloped in it!

She ran away from it,
Searching for the light!
Towards a distant haziness,
Leaving behind her heart and mind,

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