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The Adventures of Mr.Shaving Foams


The name board deciphering a detective in town was in place. It was a rectangular board and the name Mr.Shervin Formes was neatly written in black letters and it looked striking against the white background.

And the main character in our story, Mr.Shervin Formes was seated inside his office and was shuffling through the morning newspaper. The crime rate was high in this city of Mechir and that is why Mr.Formes chose this place for his new job far away from his hometown.

He had always been an intrusive and curious person in his childhood and his mother had always admonished him for that habit. There had been one incident in his childhood, when he found out the stacks of cigarette boxes of his father stored in the basement. He had found it and the findings were reported to his mother. Something must have happened that day because, there was no more lurking smoke smell around his father thereafter.

And after growing into a handsome young man, he thought of using his abilities to get a job. He was proud of himself when he found that he could be a detective.

Thus the Formes detective agency run by Mr. Shervin Formes was found. But life was not as easy as Mr.Formes had anticipated. He had got menial jobs for the first few weeks. Later as he felt that these menial jobs were not justifiable for his skills, he stopped accepting them.

Mr.Formes was waiting for his big break to happen.


He never imagined in his dreams that he would be landing up with the biggest case in the history of Mechir.

It was the month of December and the snow fall had started late at Mechir. The streets were covered with snow that morning when Mr.Formes decided to take a walk.

During his walk, he crossed the mansion of Peter Zaichst. The mansion alone was occupying half of the street and it was no wonder that the city officials decided to name it the Zaichst street.

He could see the statue of Mrs.Zaichst, Peter Zaichst's mother covered with snow and only the poor lady's hat was visible. Even the huge iron gate had it's own share of snow. No one can escape the wraths of the snow and Mr.Formes hated snow. The front door was closed and he could see that the light was on in Mr.Zaichst's room.

Formes was at a dinner party at Zaichst's Mansion one day and Mr.Zaichst saw a younger version of Mr.Zaichst in Formes and they had become good friends.

Even Formes liked the old and quaint Mr.Zaichst, except when he would call him Mr.Shaving Foams instead of Shervin Formes. He had once called him Shaving Foams at a dinner party and the name had stuck with the people of Mechir. They all knew him as Mr.Shaving Foams, the detective.

He disliked Mr.Zaichst calling him by that name but he did not want to make a huge issue, as he felt sorry for the old man. He had lost his only son to a car crash and his wife had passed away years before his son learned to drive that car, which lead to his accident.

He now lived with his faithful servant Martin Berchus. Berchus has joined the household of the Zaichst some ten years ago when Mr.Zaichst was a recluse after his son's death. Peter Zaichst relied on Berchus for everything. Peter Zaichst was a well known man in the society of Mechir and as his Butler, Martin Berchus gained some respect among them.

Now, looking at the light in Mr.Zaichst's room, Mr.Formes wanted to call upon him. But considering that it was just nearing six in the morning and the sun is yet to rise, he thought that he will meet him later that day.

He continued on his journey.


After his morning stroll, he went to his office and ameet his friend, the Barber Bobson. 

Mr.Bobson had his own shop, Bobson's Hairdo. He had many regular customers and since he did his job remarkably, his business was flourishing. Bobson became Shervin Formes friend when Formes went to have a hair cut. The friendship developed over many hair cuts and it was a strong bond.

When Mr.Formes entered Bobson's Hairdo that fine day, he noticed that there was a huge rush and his friend was busy managing a customer who wanted the four hairs on his head to be trimmed.
Formes decided to wait.

He was waiting for an hour when Bobson gave instructions to his assistant, the tall and lanky, George Markgen and came towards him.

'Hey there Foams!'

Formes really couldn't stop people calling him Foams and his Barber friend always had enough jokes in store with that name.

'Hello Bobson. Your place seems busy today.'

'Yes Foams. Not everyone has Shaving Foams as their name, you know. We have to do the shaving manually.' said Bobson and laughed at his own joke.

At that time, Martin Berchus, the butler came in and sat next to him on the sofa.

'Busy Mr.Bobson? I guess I should ask George to trim my beard?'

'Yes. You can. Anyway you always like him to service you Mr.Berchus. '

'You are always busy for me Mr.Bobson. OK. See you later gentlemen.'

He then retreated to the adjacent room, where George worked.

The friends then chatted about the climate, about the news, about the upcoming election and much more.
There was no one with huge gossips than Bobson and Shervin Formes were all ears.

Formes then returned to his office, had his lunch and was expecting a dry day. Bobson returned to his job and seeing that George Markgen has not done his job properly, started scolding him for his misgivings. But Martin Berchus was kind enough and tipped the lad generously.


Shervin Formes was dozing off in his office and his head was about to hit the wooden table, when his phone rang.
He picked it up and was surprised to hear Bobson.

'Detective Shaving Foams! come immediately to Peter Zaichst's mansion.'
Saying this he cut the call.

Formes went to the mansion and found a huge crowd standing there.

He approached the front and there he saw the Butler, Martin Berchus standing there and talking to someone who looked like a Police Inspector.

On seeing him, the Butler came towards him. 

'Mr.Zaichst has committed suicide Sir'
Formes was shocked.

'Sir, I had been out of town for a day and when I returned I went to Mr.Bobson's place before I came here. I found him dead in his room. He had done it with his Gun. Straight to the head. I called the police immediately'

Martin Berchus was looking at Formes and Formes could not decipher his emotions. Though the society treated him with some respect, he personally found him to be repulsive. Who would want to keep a Butler with such a huge beard? His beard was thick and bushy and it looked like he had not shaved in years.

On seeing Formes speechless, the butler patted his back and went to speak to someone else, probably to repeat the news. Berchus was called everywhere and he patiently repeated it to everyone.

Shervin Formes approached the Police Inspector who was investigating it.

Formes said, 'Hello Inspector. This is Private detective Shervin Formes.' And he  extended his hand.

He took his hand and said, 'Yes Mr.Foams. I have heard about you'

I asked him, 'Have you confirmed it as suicide?'

'The Medical Examiner is yet to arrive. After that we will know for sure.'

'Then, are you suspecting foul play?'

'No. It is just a formality. The old man had been on antidepressants for some time now. It is not surprising that a depressed man committed suicide.'

The antidepressants was a news to Formes.

He usually confided everything with him, but, he never mentioned about his depression. Formes wondered whether he was embarrassed about his illness? Then how did the police know?

'How did you know that he was on antidepressants?'  Formes asked enquired the inspector.

'The old butler there informed me' replied the inspector with caution. He usually didn't like detectives interfering with his work.

Formes returned to his home around ten. He wanted to know the autopsy report.
He called the Police Inspector and asked about the results of the Medical Examiner. The inspector said the time of death to be  at ten to six in the morning.
Also, the reports had said that the antidepressants were seen at high levels in his blood. The Inspector even added that he never took Peter Zaichst to be a suicide person.

That night Shervin Formes could not sleep. He tossed and turned and he had a nightmarish sleep that day.


The next day morning he met with the inspector at his office and spoke with him for an hour. The Inspector was not very happy with Mr.Shaving Foams questioning him regarding his work.

And Shervin Formes met the inspector again in the evening and this time the inspector was mystified with Shaving Foams has to say. They parted on the note that they both would meet at the Zaichst mansion, at 8 in the morning the next day.

The Inspector was waiting for Shervin Formes when the detective entered. The Inspector's curiosity was at a life time high. He liked the adventurous passion of the young detective. He had started liking him. He thought that the young detective must be after something and decides to help him.

Martin Berchus still lived at the mansion and he was surprised when the inspector and Formes came there.

'What can I do for you two gentlemen?' asked Berchus politely.

'We want you to come with us to a place.'

Berchus was surprised.

'May I know where and why Inspector?'

'We are taking you to a place regarding the investigation of Mr.Zaichst suicide. I take that you will not have any objection?'

'No Sir. I am ready to cooperate.'

The three men entered the Bobson's Hairdo and found Mr.Bobson waiting for them at the entrance.

Bobson lead them inside and asked Berchus to take a seat. Berchus still had that surprised look in his face and he went forward and sat on the indicated chair.

Bobson started the tedious process of shaving the thick and bushy beard of Berchus, as Shervin Formes and Inspector looked on. Bobson then placed the shaved beard in a cover handed to him and gave it to the inspector who gave a nod in the direction of Formes and disappeared.
Formes followed suit.


That evening the inspector and Formes returned to the Bobson's place. Berchus looked tired as he was made to stay at Bobson's place the whole day. Even George Markgen was made to wait.

Everyone looked at Formes eagerly including the inspector.

'Mr.Zaichst was a well known man in the society and he was also a good person. When I first came to know that he committed suicide, my first reaction was surprise rather than grief. He was such a strong person and a person of such nature committing suicide was rather rare, but not unheard off.'

'I was also surprised when I heard from the Inspector, who heard it from Mr.Berchus that Peter Zaichst was on medication for depression. But as far as I knew he was not under any medication. We both were more closer that what appeared to you people superficially. And when the toxicology report showed high amounts of the antidepressant drug in his report, it took me by surprise. I had a notion that someone wanted Zaichst to be dead. Who would want him dead?'

'Another thing which led me towards the concept of murder was the suicide note. It was found in his room and it was handwritten and it cemented the idea of suicide. I have to say this now, but Peter Zaichst never learned to read or write. He always asked me to read for him. Evidently, someone killed him and made it look like a suicide. But the fault was that the murderer didn't know that Zaichst couldn't write a word. So, it pointed towards murder.'

Everyone were looking at him with their face ashen. The Inspector was listening with his mouth wide open.

Shervin Formes continued, ' Also on that particular day when he was murdered, his room light was on at ten to six, which later was declared to be his time of death. I was looking at his room from the road and I think I saw Berchus there. Zaichst was a late riser and Berchus cannot be at fault here. He could have been there for any reason, except for the fact that he was supposed to be out of town and return only later that day, which he himself told me'

'Because of these, Berchus looked the murderer. But what was the motive? That is where my dear friend Barber Bobson helped me. He told me how the young assistant George Markgen was preferred over him by Berchus always and how Mr.Berchus always came to trim his beard.'

'He also passed me a very important point. Bobson has a keen eye for everything. He also told me that recently Berchus would come for a trim but will leave before he had one. If a person is not going to use the Barber's services, then it must be to meet him. I found out that Berchus goes to meet the young Markgen.'

'Berchus looks a little young now with his beard removed. Can anyone of you note the same long sharp nose, high forehead and the piercing dark black eyes they both have?'

'George Markgen is Martin Berchus's son. His real name is Gregory Jonoes Berchus. He is a convicted drug peddler and he is now eye deep in debt. He had sought his father's help and they both planned to murder Zaichst. Berchus knew about the old man's will and he planned to gain on his death. Berchus will get the drug from Markgen when he visited him at Bobson's place.'

Looking at Berchus, who was looking paler every second he said, 'Now, whatever I had said could very well be a theory, only if you have shaved Berchus. Yes. Only if you could have shaved! We found the gun residue in his beard. And it is with beardy evidence that I concluded that Berchus was the murderer.'

'Markgen has been supplying the drugs his father needed with his old contacts and they both succeeded except for the beard. Only if you had shaven Berchus!'

George Markgen exploded, ' You crappy old man! I planned everything for you to do and you make me fall down with just a beard?'

Martin Berchus came forward and looking at Formes and said, ' I accept my crime Mr.Foams.'

Both the father and the son were taken to prison and they were later convicted.


Mr.Shaving Foams rose to a new high in the society, and he told no one that his idea came from his own nick name, and from then on he had started liking his nick name, Shaving Foams.
Thus Shaving Foams saved the day by shaving the beard.

The End.

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