Monday, 22 December 2014

Book review - Done with men by Suchi Singh Kalra

Book Title: Done with Men
Author: Suchi Singh Kalra
Publisher: Indireads
No.of.Pages: 411 (eBook)
Category: Contemporary Romance

This book is narrated in the first person point of view by Kay or Kairavi. Kay is the female protagonist of this story. She is working in New Age Traveler - a magazine.
Baani is her best friend and also her fairy Godmother sometimes. She works at the same place.
Kapil is Baani's boyfriend.
Dr.Vivian D'mello a doctor.
Ricky - Kay's ex-boyfriend

The plot starts with the break up of Kay and Ricky. The details are not said to the readers immediately. The entire plot is said in the form of first person by Kay. She appears little chirpy and little quirky. She never bores you with her monologue. In fact you will enjoy reading her point of view. She is an insecure woman and she always need Baani to stabilize her. Baani is one such friend who doesn't mind doing everything and anything for Kay. And Baani has maintained her relationship with Kapil for a very long time unlike Kay, who changes her boyfriends frequently. Kay feels that she is not blessed enough and always worries about her unmanageable and frizzy hair. She has recently undergone a breakup and she still hasn't recovered. That is when her fairy Godmother helps her out. Kay and Baani are going to Goa to complete an assignment for their work and also to spend the new year there. Baani is happy because she has her boyfriend there at Goa. But Kay is reluctant at first and finally decides that she needs the change. A change of place and a fresh start of life
They reach Goa and attend a party, where Kay sees Ricky with another girl. They are intimate publicly and it irks her off. She is already under the influence of alcohol and to add to that she sees her ex-boyfriend. She sees a woman and soon she moves towards her and they end up in her room drunk.
The next day she wakes up in a hospital with the tattoo 'Done with Men'.
There she is treated by Dr.Vivian D'mello, who is handsome beyond her wishes. Will he find her attractive? Will he like her? Will they date? Even if they, will he be good to her or use her like Ricky
These are not only the thoughts of Kay, but also the readers of this novella. The author answers these in the subsequent pages.

Way of writing:
The way of writing is simple and neat. It is not too tough for a beginner type readers. The author has mingled the present with flashbacks in between. But it doesn't affect the flow of the story. As you read it, you feel yourself pitying the main character. And many can relate themselves to her. The insecure feeling. The chaos in the mind. Will anything good ever happen to me? The pessimistic opinions on everything. You can't be always a pessimist or always am optimist. In this world, if you are going to be an outright optimist, this world will sit on your head and control as their wish. At times, in this treacherous world, being pessimist does help.
But never as a overdose. If u read this book, you can relate to it.
Among the many new contemporary writers that have emerged in our country who never know how to tell a story, I should say there are some good ones too. The author could have brushed it up a little for the overall feeling. You get that in some kind of books.
This book does give you that while reading. But not after it. It doesn't linger.
You read it and then you go do your work.
But contemporary romance rarely does this.

Final verdict:
This book gives an overall good feeling and makes a good read too. You don't have to fight with this. It is a leisure read.

Rating: 7/10


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