Sunday, 14 December 2014

SAFETY BEGINS WITH ME - The biggest challenge against the 'I' ,the egoistical enemy.

Safety begins with me. This is the universal truth and all the other measures are only next to it.

I. It is the word most of us use and this will be the most used word by any egocentric person. But how much are we relating to 'I'. Let us see.

Now the world is changing and most of the people have gone or are going towards egocentric nature. Everyone are jn need of a world that they want for themselves.
But the same egocentric person doesn't care about himself in the least when it comes to driving. They say they feel the thrill when they drive fast and reckless. But for how long?

Everyone are blaming the roads and the traffic. I am not denying the fact that they contribute towards the accidents too, but we are at wrong in the first place. No one is ready to accept that.

When a person starts from his home, he always wants to reach his destination safely without any hitches. The thought is good but he goes wrong with his actions. Shouldn't the thought and action be in a similar frame and shouldn't they be synchronized? Who should be guiding the thoughts into actions? Us! But we are the ones diverging it!

Whenever we see or read a report about a freak accident, you pity the person and you judge that he must have driven wrongly. That is it! End of the matter! Someone somewhere is affected and it is not of your concern!

None of us are willing to spend time to dwell over the fact that we too are driving on the same roads and anything can happen to anyone. Hope not!

You can argue that you are following the road rules perfectly and you always drive the road with caution. But you cannot vouch for the knowledge of the person traveling beside you or opposite to you. Can you? That remains an undeniable fact.

Also, the roadside animals can come in front of you suddenly and you have to brake suddenly. Here comes the Newtons First law. Even though you are applying brake to your vehicle, you cannot apply it to your body and as a result you are bound to go and hit the front glass.

This can be prevented by wearing a seat belt.
Just a seatbelt.
Now I may be sounding like a pessimistic maniac. But sometimes analyzing the result of our ways will create a better life for us.

By just wearing a seatbelt, you can save yourselves from many injuries that may happen otherwise. Just one simple act and it eliminates many other complications.

Many rules are being made to make the citizens wear seatbelts. But it still remains a tough target to achieve.

Because when you ask someone to follow something, you must also give them a reason to follow it. The awareness among the masses is definitely lacking. Most of them are unaware of the fact that many lives could have been saved only if they had worn their seatbelts. The importance of wearing a seatbelt should be explained to them and they should be made comfortable enough.

Also, the other safety features in their vehicle must be known to them and they must be able to utilize it in case of an emergency. Many people panic when facing such situations and they must be taught how to handle the situation.

NSDF, Nissan Safety Driving Forum, is one such initiative started by the Nissan Motors, in order to spread such awareness among the public. It was started in 2012 and this year it is reaching to 8 cities. It aims to promote the use of safety measures such as wearing seat belts, by providing demo to the people and imparting knowledge. I see it as an innovative approach towards opening many eyes. By doing so, NSDF has spread the knowledge and still continues to do so.

Thus, we should also change our minds against the notion of wearing seatbelts and we should start following the safety measures.

After all, we are doing it for ourselves and our family. I think we can do at least this much towards caring for ourselves and it is not even difficult.
Come on everyone!
Let us change our mind and fight against ourselves!

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