Friday, 1 August 2014

Modesty on the verge of extinction

   Some people are just delusional. They think that they are better than you and they don't have any modesty and just flaunt their delusional belief before others. Whatever happened to modesty these days? Is modesty old school already?
   Modesty? Aren't people taught that even if you are the king of the world and you have all 64 said arts rolled up your sleeves, when you meet up a person, you are not supposed to flaunt it.
    Even if you are asked about your knowledge about a topic, you supposed act modestly and tell that you are not much learned about it. You don't go bragging about it saying that I know everything about everything.
    But I am really surprised to find people still waddling through the world with their primitive minds, acting so bossy and pushy and they don't even know about themselves. How could parents raise their children like that?
  Nurturing those delusional ideas might prove detrimental in their future life.
  I still see people expecting their prince charming to come and many more retarded ideas.
  How many of them actually know how to live a life? I am not here to say about life's rules. Because no rule is the rule of life. People, not all , but some still find it difficult to accept any changes that might happen to them.
All the bad things are for others and all the good thongs are for others. It is really not that good to see people with delusional ideas.
So many people are there and even an extrovert will not tell you about everything you wanna know..

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