Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Book review - Sam's letters to Jennifer by James Patterson

by James Patterson

Sam's letters to Jennifer follows in the same way as Nicholas's letter.
I have read the author's book on crime and thrillers and they were captivating.
And he is one of the authors who has ventured into various fields - Crime, Romance, Children's books.
  This book is about a woman who is heartbroken and wants solace. But life is so cruel to the fact that her best buddy - her grandma falls ill. And Jennifer gets to read her letters. Which is Sam's letters to Jennifer.
By reading Sam's letters Jennifer come out of her heartbreak and tries to be back to normal again.
And life turns again.
It is a novel which could be read in an hour during a short journey, during a rainy noon.
All that makes this novel is Sam's letters and her story.
And how Jennifer copes with whatever bad is coming  her way.
Having read his other ones, it felt a little different.
Totally, a decent one.
Rating : 6/10

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