Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Book Review - The Second Lady by Irving Wallace

It had been a very long time since I hit a bookstore. The online shopping was so easy and it was a boon to couch potatoes like myself.
So, when our gang planned an outing and finally achieved it, I wanted to go to a bookstore. Some of us wanted to go elsewhere and so we split up and I ended up in a bookstore where the shopkeeper was so busily guiding a woman and her friend on the latest arrivals. He was raving good reviews about The fault in our stars to them and I was freely roaming about. Though the e-shopping is great, it lacks something and that I feel is 'the feel you get when you are surrounded by thousands of books'.
There, when I was getting myself into that 'feel', I overheard the shopkeeper talking about a book called ' The Second Lady' by Irving Wallace.
Intrigued by it, I heard him and he was saying that it was one marvelous book and no one should miss it.
He even went to the great lengths in saying that if you have read it and you are not liking it a bit, you are free to return it to the same shop, since they are in huge demand!
Now I wanted that and added it to my pile of books.
Paid for the books and I am out of the shop. The remaining of the day was spent accompanying my friends and helping them buy things, since my budget of the day was over.
The book was laying there for a while and finally got my attention. I wanted to read this for a change after reading a huugggee one.
So here it goes.
The First Lady. It is all about the U.S first Lady.
The Russian leaders have a major plan and that is to replace the U.S First Lady with the dupe they have created just for a few days and to gather some information.
The depth of the transformation is marvelous. They plan each and everything in advance but how they leave out some important things and events that should have been taught to the dupe is ridiculous. May be the author overlooked it or may be and I guess it is to be left like that for the story to take place. It is an interesting read mixing politics with thriller and it left me wanting more.
I ended up finishing the book in under a day. It was a page-turner!
Having never read his books before, I don't have any knowledge to compare The Second Lady with his other works.
But I am sure to try out his other books and one shouldn't miss this.

Book Title - The Second Lady
Author- Irving Wallace
Genre - Suspense

My rating - 9/10

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