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Book Review - Those Pricey Thakur girls - Anuja Chauhan

- a book review

This was a book that had huge expectations from me because of some heavy recommendations.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion regarding the book.

The book started with introduction of the characters.
The judge Mr.Thakur and his wife Mrs.Thakur.
And here comes - their alphabetically  arranged (named) daughters - Miss.A, Miss.B...... And ends in Miss.E.

The 5 sisters are different in each way and the author could be appreciated for creating family situations which are still happening.
And there are also Mr.Thakur's play mates. Two of his friends and his beloved daughter Miss.D.
Now the former Miss - A, B and C have become Mrs - A, B and C.
The author also includes some facts about their marriages here and there in the story and that makes an interesting read.
And there is the leading male character. ( There has to be one, especially in these type of novels)
The character is Dylan Singh Sekhawat, who is a half-christian by birth. He is a journalist.
And our leading main character is Miss.D ( No doubt there! Full of alphabet play.
And she has been selected to be a newsreader in the famous (and only available) channel! She is fully thrilled and makes a sparkling debut.( so she thinks).
A bad review comes the next day in a national newspaper.
Dylan becomes one of the play members.
Dylan is investigating the hidden details behind a falsely acquitted case. That is regarding the murders of the Sikhs after the assassination of the PM.
And what follows is the story. That winds and unwinds around the leading couple.
What I liked in this book is the plot. Read it carefully.It is the plot and not the story. It would have been great only if the author had developed the hints development a little differently.
And the most unlikeable thing in the book is the Hinglish ( Hindi+English) portrayed throughout in the book. I have read novels where Hindi words are used and even sometimes the book will have its meaning in the end. But this book made me want to swear out loud. If the author is going to mix two languages together, then she seriously has to think twice or thrice before listing her book under English category. This book doesn't even qualify for that.
Some would say that Hinglish makes the book more enjoyable. And what I am going to say is that if you like the book to be half Hindi, then why don't you read Hindi books? Full book in Hindi. And it will be even more enjoyable, isn't it?
But some prefer saying that they are reading English books and they think that makes them intelligent! Seriously reconsider your decisions!
And also there are good writers in English language and they write in English and not Hinglish. So, better read them.
And if you are going to say this is a chick-lit and these books are like that, reconsider your decision and read some other good chick-lit novels. I am stressing upon the word 'good' and it is not better or best. This book can't even be mentioned under good.
One word for this novel could be trash. Yes. Of course! You could call this trash-lit! But that would mean degrading the literature part that joins with it and so this book in my humble opinion is absolute trash.
This doesn't deserve to be kept in any one's book shelf.
These type of books should nor be encouraged.

Rating: 2/10

Disclaimer: I am not against reading regional languages. But that should be kept separate. Imagine reading a Hindi novel or poem with half of it in English? Or any other regional language for that matter? How will it be?

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