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How can one define the excitement of getting the first salary? All those years, be it a pencil bought in L.K.G or a Laptop bought desperately in the college years, it was from the parents. On getting the first salary, though not much for a newly joined intern, it was special. All the firsts in the world are special. Be it a first child or a first car!

It always occupies a place so deep in your heart, that even after many years, you will remember it fondly.

Let us go back to the story at hand.

I was feeling so proud on getting it and I immediately wanted to do something for everyone in the family, which will be my parents, my sister and I. A few days back, I would have been my first preference before others if I am going to shop.

But on earning a few rupees myself, I suddenly became selfless and I was so surprised at myself that I was happy. As it was said to Peter Parker, with great power comes great responsibilities.

I went around and asked or, I would say I pestered them to name something for me to buy for them. As every mother in the world would say, my happiness and joy was enough for my mother. 

Until recently my dad was a person who hated new technologies. But he has changed now. I guess he hated being a ‘Luddite’ more. Since he was new and all to the world of memory cards, he wanted me to get him a new memory card.

When I went into my sister’s room to ask her what she wanted, I was a little afraid. What if she wanted more than I could get? The little philanthropy in me threatened to disappear. But casting away all the phobias, I asked her and the answer was not so surprising. She wanted a new face wash which she had been wanting for some time now. I promised her.

I went to flipkart.com and I added the two purchases to my cart.

After being a good philanthropist for a while, the Id and the Ego started to work in my mind.

What did I want? 

I surely wanted a lot.

No Greedy Lady. What do you want the most?

I looked at my phone which was lying near. It had certainly seen its better days and I decided that I wanted a new phone.

Though I knew myself to be the smartest girl in the universe, I lacked a smartphone.

My Id made me desire a phone and the Ego in me made it an obsession.

In addition to being smart, I should be lucky too. It may sound as a dull bragging, but why should I be shopping on the same day of the release of the new Moto E 2nd generation?

You still doubt me? Read on. I promise to keep the bragging about myself to a minimum and you sure will believe me at the end!

When I first looked at the Moto E 2nd generation specifications on the Flipkart site, I just couldn’t believe my eyes.
Just one look and I was sold.

I have always been a person who uses multiple apps at the same time. So, if I am going to buy a new smartphone for myself, I sure want a phone which can bear my usage. And Moto E looked promising in that criterion to me, because of its RAM. If you have a good RAM, you certainly can explore more. There need not be a restriction and I for one, never liked restrictions! 

My kind of profession demands wearing a white coat, though half of the world has a phobia on seeing it. So, when I am using it and suddenly I have to attend a patient, I just drop the phone in my coat pocket, which will also be housing many other instruments including the stethoscope and the torch, which I always see the demand for.

And the phone will have to adjust with its new roommates or pocket mates for a few hours, until I could free it. It has to suffer from the rough usage. So, I was happy when I saw that it is covered by the Corning Gorilla Glass, which will make the phone scratch resistant. So I need not worry about my phone getting scratched.

The white coat also plays another important role in my phone selection.

As most of us would have seen a white coat, I consider the reader familiar with a doctor’s coat. As you can imagine, I have to keep all the instruments in them along with the phone. So the 4.5 inches Moto E will be the perfect choice for me. It will be handy for me to use and I can find it a place in my coat pocket. Another feature that I have to mention is its weight, which is certainly lightweight. These two features made me incline towards it.
                                            IMAGE SOURCE HERE

It comes with the Android 5.0. Apart from liking the traditional lollipop which I have been eating since four years of age, I like the Lollipop version of Android too.

                             IMAGE SOURCE HERE

Moto E 2nd generation gives me the latest possible version of Android, the Lollipop version and it will help me connect with my mobile better. This latest version of Android also helps you in saving your battery, which means I am happier.

We have come a long way from the dual core processors and the latest version of Moto E houses the Quadcore Snapdragon 200 processor which will help me to use many high end technologies at my budget.

                              IMAGE SOURCE HERE
                             IMAGE SOURCE HERE
It is the day of the selfies.

                             IMAGE SOURCE HERE

                            IMAGE SOURCE HERE

From waking up in the morning and #wokeuplikethis selfies to #goodnight selfies, you can see them everywhere. Selfie taking is the latest sensation and it wouldn’t be a wonder, if you can see selfie sticks in every home soon. And to become a part of that sensation, I wanted a phone with a front camera and Moto E offers exactly that. It has a 0.3 MP front camera.

                              IMAGE SOURCE HERE

After talking so much about the most essential for selfie front camera, I must mention about the rear camera too. Who wouldn’t love to take click at the beautiful sunrise in the morning? The red hue spreading slowly among the sky is a sight to behold. Even more pleasure to look at is the sunset and the silhouette of the trees against the setting sun will make the best painters hide in embarrassment. Such is the beauty of the nature and I can’t resist myself. 

                       IMAGE SOURCE - My Photography

Also, when I am looking at a few patients, for the purpose of clinical study I will have to take a few pictures and I certainly do not have extra room in my pocket to take a camera. So, my phone camera will have to serve the purpose and I believe that with a 5 MP camera, Moto E will be a good choice.
In the present age, you can see everyone, from a young person to an old man waiting for a train, playing their favourite game on their smartphone.

                              IMAGE SOURCE HERE

In my profession, I may not find a spare time to play a few games in the day time. But I certainly play them to remain awake, when I have to do the night duty and also in a long 36 hour shift. It is also a good way of de-stressing the pressure I have to face. With a 2390 mAh battery, I can play games throughout the night shift and also, during the 36 hour shift, I will not find the need to charge it.
So, the good battery capacity of the new Moto E makes it a good choice for a person like me.
Sometimes, when I am assisting in a procedure, I may find the need to record the whole procedure and the video feature will enable me to record the same. 

Also, when I have to store all those videos, the 8 GB of internal memory will come in handy. With that internal memory, I can take videos and photos without the worry of running out of memory. And as long as my memory remains intact, this memory will be enough for me.

Finally, when I see all these features of it together, I cannot find any reason why the new Moto E shouldn’t be the perfect choice for me? 

                            IMAGE SOURCE HERE

Life is not so perfect, but in that imperfect life, this Moto E seems the choice that will be deemed perfect!

With my first salary, I can get myself a new smartphone and with the new Moto E, I will begin my smartphone journey and the as I know already, this journey is going to be a pleasant one.

                     “For last year's words belong to last year's language
                       And next year's words await another voice.
                       And to make an end is to make a beginning."

                                                        ― T.S. Eliot

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