Saturday, 17 October 2015

My First Love

  I still remember the day clearly etched out in mind. The day, I met ‘my first love’.
                                I was walking slowly with short steps. My eyes were shining brightly and I could not get enough of the sight around me. As pleasing as it was to my eyes, it was equally disturbing to my ears, as it was noisy enough. But I turned oblivious to the sound.
                                Then suddenly I saw you. It was so clichéd ‘love at first sight’ for me. You looked so handsome in that blue outfit of yours. My eyes were twinkling. I was staring at you when I crossed the place you were there. I just could not take my eyes of you. After some time I saw you again. This time I came near you. I was near you the whole time.
                                  You must have noticed me then. But you did not even look at me. That did not deter me at all. I acted as if I was just looking around. Who will be interested in wooden racks and colourful fishes in a pot, while you are there? Certainly, I would not. Nothing could take me away from you.
                                    I could feel the excitement rising in me. My breathing increased. At last the old man, who was so enthusiastically chatting, left. I immediately grabbed the opportunity. I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, I was there. I was there near you.
                                    My father was calling my name. It sounded so faint to me. He called again. He came near me and caught hold of my hands and tried to yank me away from that place. Perhaps he considered you a bad influence in my life and he felt the need to protect me from you. No he was wrong! You could have never been a destructive force.
                                 The fate had the same notion and it tried to interfere in the form of that old man. Again! But this time what the old man did was well appreciated by me.
                                    My dad and the blessed old man started talking and I was happy I had more time. I thanked God silently and the smile once again played in my face. I looked deep into the electrifying eyes before me. It was so soothing. I was able to see the future in you. I saw my life forming before my eyes. The time has come, I decided then. Though, I was a small girl with piggy tails back then, I got enlightened.
                                     Now the fear crept over me. How was I going to say? What if he said no? The young mind I was, I decided to try my luck.
                                   I slowly clutched my pink frock. I could feel it crumpling in my hands, but I had more serious matter to consider than my dress. I turned and there my father was still talking to the old man.
                                   I slowly tugged at his shirt, ‘Daddy?’
                                  He turned. I asked him, “Daddy, can I have this book? I know I can’t read yet. But I want it to be the first book I want to. Please daddy. Please? Can i? I don’t want even the chocolate I asked you. Only this I won’t ask you anything! Anything ever at all! I promise.’
                               Now who would not say yes to that! I thought to myself. I pleadingly looked at him. I did not want to lose it.
                             My dad gave a smile. He said, “Ok! Get the book you want! I just hope you read it.”
                             I gave him a wide smile. And took the blue book from the shelf and ran towards my dad. He lifted me off the ground and gave me a peck on the cheek.
                             I was so happy at that moment. Who would have thought that I will be meeting my first love when I actually didn’t want to go with my father to the book shop!
                             This is how I met the first love of my life! Books!
                             I still cherish the memory and whenever I open one, I could smell the freshness, and the exhilaration it gives is incomparable. It takes me into another world, makes me happy and sad too. It teaches me to live. What more do you need from the love of your life?

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