Monday, 30 November 2015

Soft to touch

'Child is the father of man'
When a new soul enters the earth, after a great suffering, it is usually welcomed by people. But, some babies are unfortunately born into worthless hands and they are made to suffer.
It is said that when they are born, they are pure and innocent and only in the way they are brought up, they become different persons.
So, taking care of them, nurturing them and finally being a good role model for them will make them better citizens in their future.
The first part of taking care is taking care of the baby's health.
'A persons health can be visible through his skin'
In our ancient medical practice and also, in the current medical practice, many diseases are diagnosed solely based on the appearance and the texture of skin.
So, a baby's health can be reflected in his or her skin. So, to keep a baby's soft skin safe, following 5 points will be useful.
1. Breastfeeding the child for at least 6 months. In this modern world, many parents neglect the importance of breastfeeding and give the child formula feeds or cow's milk. A cow secretes milk based on the requirements of a cow and if a child is being feed so early in his life, he might not get enough nutrition and will suffer from gastric problems. So, only breastfeeding.
2. Use a good diaper. Babies are mostly with them and if care is not put in selecting a good one for the baby, then the baby might develop allergic rashes.
3. Use soft cotton clothes. Baby's skin is soft and if you are going to use something other than cotton, it will be uncomfortable and you will be subjected to incessant crying.
Babies are humans too, but before they develop their speaking skills, it is in the ability of the mother, the grandmother or the one who is with the baby to understand each cry of the baby.
4. It is winter now and when we are suffering as adults, the baby will be suffering too. So, keep that in mind and use woolen sweaters, caps and gloves to keep the child warm and healthy.
5. Finally, do take your child first to a doctor if he or she is developing any symptoms. Do not go to quacks. Be alert and vigilant when it comes to your child's health.
Keep working hard to take care and your child's sweet smile will be the reward.

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