Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fantastic beauty tips! Blog Marathon #17

What is a beauty? Or to rephrase it in a better way, what makes a person beautiful?

A mighty philosopher would say that a good heart and an innocent mind will make a beautiful person. I accept that. But don't we all desire for that eternal external beauty? Does it appear to lie out of your horizon?
Adjust your lenses and look again. It is not that far. It is just a little bit away from the end of your finger and with just a little effort, you can catch it. How to put in that little effort, when we all live a robotic life? How can we take care of the outer beauty when we don't have time even to take a glimpse of it.
That is where the secret lies. The word secret is a scary thing. It incorporates such profound meaning in it, that, it makes you lose your mind. There is a secret behind every achievement. There is a secret behind every record set there in the world. So, what is the secret behind the lustrous glowing skin? Let us see.
1. Turmeric
Turmeric was and is a part and parcel of South Indian cooking. Our ancestors were masters in culinary arts and medicine, that they found the common medium between the two and incorporated that in their daily lives.
Turmeric has 'Curcumin', which is the active ingredient. The innumerable goodness it brings through food is not for discussion in this post. It deserves a separate post, which I plan to do it with all due respect
Now, speaking of beauty, what does it bring?

Some years ago, all ladies used to wash their face with turmeric daily. They didn't suffer from severe acnes or blackheads. But, for the current generation, it is rough going out with a jaundiced face. So, I would suggest adding a little of turmeric with kadalamavu twice a week. It will give a soft glow and enhance the beauty.
2. Next comes the Lemon. Lemon and turmeric itself can be combined together to get a beautiful recipe for tan removal. Lemon is a natural anti-tan agent and mixing lemon with a pinch of turmeric will do more good for you than just lemon. But beware all! Lemon should not be used daily as it may cause dryness.
The next combination for lemon is honey. Combine equal portions of lemon and honey and apply over the skin for ten to fifteen minutes. The pack will not dry, so time yourself before washing. This combo will give the glow and the freshness that your skin needs. Try this once a week.
3. Third place goes to Milk. Milk is an  another ingredient from the kitchen. It forms the base of the food chart and it is also equally good for the skin. Apply a thin coat of milk and multani mitti or kadalimavu. Keep the pack on until it dries and wash it off. Milk is a natural moisturizer and it is so mild that you can use it daily.
4. Curd is the closest friend of milk and this can be used alone or with a pack. It helps removing tan and acts as a moisturizer too
5. Coconut oil. Again, this has a special place in South India. Every household has it and it is the holder if beauty secrets. It can be used as a cleanser and leave it in for a few minutes and then wash with your regular face wash. The skin will become soft and supple and you will start touching your skin often. And keep off the expensive vitamin oils and serums. Remember that simple things are always the best. It is also a good conditioner for hair.
These are the 5 ingredients found in almost all the kitchens and they are the best raw materials for a beauty product. I have spoken only about the natural and easily available things. You don't have to spend huge amount of money yet they give you all the goodness in the world.


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