Saturday, 9 July 2016


The night wasn't dark enough compared to her fears. Even during the times when the moon refused to show, the night did not have enough pigment to make her worries less darker. And in that lonesome path, she wanted the moon.

The day dawned brighter and it carried with it the brightness that she envisioned herself to have. She makes her way through life with envy.

The music was silent. And she wished for it to become louder, and louder the tune, merrier will be her life, for it will drown the cry of her inner soul.

And there was the rain, that came pouring down, with a smell that carried her away to a different world. She longed for the days to be filled with a soft pour.

She wished and wished, and suddenly it dawned on her.

The night was indeed dark enough for the moon to shine, and the moon shone with such brightness.

The day was bright enough for her to see the moon, and the moon was willing to see her during day.

And in the eerieness of the cold evening, music reached her ears in the form of rain.

And the music was made to touch her soul.

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