Monday, 19 May 2014

Book Review - I Can See You by Karen Rose

I can see you starts with The hat squad detective Noah Webster investigating a suicide case. A woman named Martha has committed suicide.But something like a deja vu flashes in his mind and he is reminded of a similar case. In both cases the women are wearing flashy red dress with equally flashy shoes. The windows are kept open and there is Ketamine in the system.
Eve Wilson works in the Sal's bar. She is overcoming her personal evils. And she is slowly recovering from both physical and mental scars.
Noah Webster comes frequently to the Sal's just to see Eve Wilson. This goes on for a year and only when Noah realizes that Eve is connected to the case, he approaches her.
The murders follow , all disguised as suicides in the same pattern and all the victims are part of a study that Eve is doing as a part of her graduate studies.
There is another duo of father and son following Noah and his partner Jack Phelps.
How they finally find out the person behind the murders and how they get past their evils is the ending.
It made a good read and at a point of time made a good page turner.
Overall it could be given 7 out of 10.

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