Thursday, 22 May 2014

Book Review - Prelude to Foundation - Isaac Asimov

Prelude to foundation is the prequel to the Foundation series, written by Isaac Asimov.
In the year 12,020 G.E and the last Galactic Emperor of the Autumn dynasty, Cleon I, sits uneasily in the throne. These are troubled times and Cleon is desperate to find a way to calm them.
When mathematician Hari Sheldon arrives on Trantor to present a paper on psychohistory, his astounding theory of prediction, the Emperor believes that his future security may rest on Seldon's prophetic powers.

   The story starts with Hari Seldon being summoned to meet the Emperor. Being intrigued by his theory, the Emperor asks him to predict the future of the empire. Seldon refuses to so so, saying his theory is not practical.
After Sheldon leaves, the Emperor and his chief of staff, Demerzel speaks about how his theory if practically done could be used by the enemies. Cleon asks Demerzel what should be done for which Demerzel replies if Sheldon is to join hands with their enemies, he must be killed.
Meanwhile a journalist Chetter Hummin makes Sheldon believe that his theory is practical and also warns him about the possible course of action by Demerzel. Hummin takes Seldon to the University where he says Seldon will be away from the reach of the Emperor.
There Seldon meets Dors Venaballi, a history professor and who becomes his friend there.
After some days, they go to another planet called Mycogen where Seldon starts thinking about his possible practical psychohistory.
This book invites the readers to the future where reading a book is described a stone age. They are so technologically advanced and the story follows Seldon's adventures and his quest to save the gallactic empire with the help of Dors.
Science fiction is not my cup of tea, but I found it to be enjoyable and I am  definitely going to read the next books.
Over all rating : 8/10

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