Thursday, 22 May 2014

Book lover!

The skies have finally opened and the summer showers are always heavenly.
How would one yearn to be curled up with a book and sip hot tea! So clichéd, yet so wonderful!

But someone will ask, really? A book? Don't u think something else will be better?

Now, I want to say a lot of things at once. Being not able to do that, I will go slowly. One by one.

Have u all heard a saying that 'A person who doesn't read books, doesn't know what they are missing in their lives'.
I told my friend this saying once and the reply was, 'If I don't know what I am missing, I am fine with it'.

OK... Reading books.
Turn a page and u meet the most wonderful place and u want to be there at the very moment.
Turn a page and u keep turning until you find out (or confirm your detective skills) when the murderer is revealed.
Turn a page and that is it. Close it. It is a dud!
But the feeling of having a book in your hand. Opening it with goofy eyes.

Expecting a wonderful story. A story that will make your hearts flutter, make you fly a thousand times, make you search for a tissue, make you sad.
How come one cannot like it?

I may sound like a person in love and a book lover would know the feeling! Sorry to others!
Books open up a whole new world. A new world. A new story.

An unrealistic yet happening fantasy series. Didn't you wait in bated breath for the release of the final installment of Harry Potter? Hogwarts was and is like a second school for all the Harry Potter lovers. And as a Ravenclaw, I envy the brave Gryffindors. Only if Rowling had wished to pen it down, we would have known better about Albus Severus.

As much as childhood fantasy series paved way for many to be avid readers, it opened their imagination skills. Also, the description of a poetic scenery couldn't be described more poetically than our Tolkien.
As I read every verse of them, I was drawn into it and i could only wish that i were a part of that world. Who wouldn't like to meet the Hobbits and who wouldn't like to see in the palm of their hand the ring shining.

Fantasy. Fantasy is after all a fantasy and I could never stop fantasizing.
It took me through the castle with the Marauders map helping me and I solemnly sweared that I was up to no good.

I couldn't wait to get a place in the stands during the final Quidditch match and I really did miss it during the final year.
All these magical moments that fantasy gave me was never lost on fiction.

I could still remember the chilly nights when the rain was blasting against the windows, making creaking noises and I was perched upon Mallory Towers. I felt that the hostels in Mallory were better than mine. How true!

Adventures! How much do you love them? I am an adventurer at heart. In reality, I never open that door and it has rusted enough to rot and fall. Time for a new lock may be?

But, even then, I will be needing a cave with warm mud and lemonade and ginger bread and 6 more people to form an adventure! Secret, anyone?

As a plant with little green sticks grows into a tree with a bark, the exploration growed.

The library was a place where the mind felt at peace. Excitement fills up to your eyes and you can't see. I can hear voices around me, but my ears are blocked and my eyes are feasting. The hands are yet more restless. Pulling out one from the first shelf and two more from the third shelf. What to take and what to leave? One at a time.
That was the golden period.

A single card is given to the man with the Gandhi spectacle. He scrutinizes it and one look at your face. That is it. One card in exchange for three valuables. And that card just contained my name and class section! How powerful!

Mysterious world and even more mysterious people.
But that didn't stop the mystery being unravelled by a man in a cloak with accompanying hat and the doctor.

There are ten people in an island. All killed. Who is it?

A murder in a train compartment. All were sleeping. Who is it?

You can't find who is the murderer. Is that you? Or me?

Only one woman could tell you the answer to all these.
I like the name Agatha. Don't you?

Thrill is what is needed by youngsters.
A thriller gives you more than one.
A drama within a family is always interesting.
If you have wondered about diaries written in prison and think they are bad, think and rephrase it.

The journey continues and it won't stop.

Even when the frail old lady couldn't stand up without support, the first page with the title The Boy Who Lived will give her all the energy in the world. ( I mean future frail old ladies)

P.S Strictly only for book lovers, as you might have noticed while reading this.
Euphoria is legally ours!


  1. Vaishu seriously ..... I was one among those who nagged u ,,, but after ur continues effort to make me read a book .. And after readin ur blog .. I hve changed my mind .... Thank u dr...��

  2. I am glad I have exposed one more soul to the heavens of reading!