Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Book Review - The Target by David Baldacci

It is always not so good to start a series book from the middle. But when you pick up the third book and u don't know that it was the third one, then The Heaven excuses you.
Now, I got this book , The target by David Baldacci a month ago and only now did I find time to read.
The cover page says that this book is featuring Government Assassin Will Robbie.
The book starts with a person named Earl Fontaine, who is dying of cancer and who is also a convict. He was imprisoned for the murder of his wife. He requests the doctor at the facility to send message to his daughter who is in witness protection programme. The doctor asks how it is possible to contact a person in a witness protection programme to which Earl pleaded that he wants to see his only daughter for the last time. The doctor says she will do what she can do.
A meeting goes on in the white house and a secret mission is being planned and Mr.President reluctantly agreeing to use agents Will Robie and Jessica Reel. The CSL Evan Tucker suggests a plan B or rather Team B, incase team A doesn't make it.
Now we are introduced to Will Robbie , a government assassin. He is called for redeployment along with another agent Jessica Reel. Will Robbie meets Julie Getty , a young girl ( from the previous book).
They are asked to come to the Burner Box. They undergo physical and mental evaluation there. They are also tortured to sign a confession. (This confession is regarding the murder of two CSI agents by Jessica Reel. In the previous book Robbie was sent after Jessica to bring her back dead or alive, but he ended up helping her).
They both think that they were bought to be murdered in the Burner Box.
An other character comes namely, Chung Cha and she is a North Korean. She is a person who was released from a prison camp, being the only person to do so. A few pages says about her skills and past. Then she is on her mission. She is following a British National on a train journey and follows him up to a lodge, where she tortures him, having learned various torture techniques from prison camp. She gains what she wanted and leaves to Turkey before anyone could even find his body.
This comes up to half of the book. The first half is a drag. Second half is where the heart of the book is. It is so fast that u don't even know it.
The story line was gripping.
Enter a character called Min in Chung Cha's life. The plot that was plotted in the beginning of the book goes awry. The President gives a  mission to Agent Reel and Robie. It is to correct the flaws of the previous one.
And finally the characters are all plotted a against one another and all end up in the same place and what finally happens? That is the plot.

This is not a racy story which will make you want to read it instantly. But this is a big book which you can read relaxedly without any hurry. And it is a good one.
But finally everyone has their own likes and dislikes. :-)

( One minor error which I saw. The President's son Tom is said to be studying in a boys school, but in one part, he says that all the girls in his class were taller than him. How come?)

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