Saturday, 17 January 2015


Journey from OR to AND

Whenever i was asked what i would like to become in the future, my earliest answer was,' to become a doctor'. I have no idea how the idea came into my head, but it was there in my head as long as i can remember, and i think it was deep rooted. 

It took another incident in my life to give me an idea that i can be even better.

It was my last exam in class 2. It was an oral test of some sort, which i don't remember. We had all given our exams and we were made to wait till the time that the bell would ring  which would be more than an hour or so. We all were sitting together in the tiny chairs that the primary school classrooms had. My friend and i was sitting together and we chatted with our bags on our laps. Soon we ran out of topics to speak as those innocent minds had nothing more to gossip about. It was boring to just look at each other and stare at walls.

Suddenly, i had a brilliant idea. 
I told her that i would tell her a story.

 Yes. Of all the things in the world, a story.

I think i must have been good at making up stories even then, because i still can't understand my need to tell a story. As soon as i started telling, the teacher in charge called my name loudly and asked me to keep quiet. 

How could i?
I had a story to finish.
I was desperate. 
And i found a solution.

I opened my Popeye bag and pulled out my notebook. I tore out a single page from it and i could see the teacher looking my way, as it made a great noise in the near silent classroom.
Ignoring the twenty-nine plus one head staring at me, i opened my pencil box and took one red and black striped pencil. It was sharpened soon, and with as much as enthusiasm i could gather from that indifferent surrounding, i started writing my first story.

It was given to my friend for reading, and that evening on seeing the paper in my bag, my parents got to read it, and i got a new notebook for writing stories. I could remember being so proud about it the whole month. And as far as i can remember, that summer was spent in filling up the notebook. I still have that notebook and when i turn the pages, i can't help laughing out loud on reading some of them. 

But that particular incident, though it had happened ages ago, made me realize that i can write stories too. I don't even remember the story i wrote. All i can remember is the feeling of confidence that it gave me, even then.

Soon, i started telling everyone that i wanted to be a doctor and a writer.
People were amused at such a young girl wanting to be a writer. Some encouraged me and some who didn't was given my story notebook to read.  After all, every writer wants everyone to read their work.

On going down the memory lane, even i am amused to find that one of my passions in life was a result of an action that was done at the spur of the moment. Many people had described their life changing moments to be a big one. But mine was an action that was triggered by the dull atmosphere and the teacher who forbade me to talk.No matter how big or small it is, the impact it leaves in your life is what really matters.

No one told me to write that story. No one told me to think that i could be a writer as well.

But everyone had one question to the tiny tot. 
Sometimes the elders can't take that a child could be intelligent too. 
What they want from a child always is a childish answer.
I was asked,'You want to be a doctor as well as a writer?'
'How is that possible? You can either be a doctor or a writer. You cannot be both!'
But i had an answer for them. I told them that i can and that i will see my patients and in between seeing my patients, i will write stories.

It was told by a child, but it was an answer. 

It was my answer to make the 'Or' in my life as 'And'.

It was the start of my journey against Or and it never ended.
Whenever i face the possibility of And in my life, i ask myself 'Why not?'
This made me realize and open to  many of my interets and passions and they are all equally important to me in my life.

No wonder, i want the author profile in my first book to read as 'The author is a renowned  physician and in her spare time, she blogs about her other passions, such as art and jewellery making'

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  1. I would like to read the story you wrote at 6... :)

  2. Vaishnavi it's be specific it's was better than the rest...which is have read...The word "and" the punch mark was good one

  3. Excellent. Specializing in a field like medicine is very good for an author because it gives an excellent opportunity to interact with people all that time. With experience, you'll get to know more about people, why they do what they do, and their stories. Besides, you can write stories set in the medical field, as you will know more about medicine, hospitals, etc.

    When you write your first book, send it to me for review. Or beta-reading. I'll be glad to return the favour :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. Thank you. Writing Medical Fiction was one of the reasons for my decision to take this course. And when I write my first novel, I will be sure to send one. I hope I will get some good reviews:)