Friday, 16 January 2015

A healthy child makes a happy home

When Sheela opened her window that morning, she saw the mist that was covering her neighborhood. The winter season had started already. The germs that were lurking before would rise to the surface causing innumerable problems. The winter diseases were always worse than the diseases that occurred during other seasons.

Sheela was a house wife and she usually got up early to prepare breakfast and lunch for her husband and son, before they went to work and school.

She had got up early that day too. She started her regular chores.

The clock struck seven and it was time to wake her sleeping son. The school bus would arrive by eight, and she always made sure that he was there prior to it.
That day when she entered her son's room to wake him, she saw that he was awake.

She was surprised at it because, it had always been tough for her to wake him up. She went and sat near him.

Her son, Arjun sneezed loudly. He sneezed again. And again.
He then opened his tiny eyes which had started to water from the sneezes, and looked at his mother.

Sheela took him in her lap and asked her 5 year old son whether he ate anything outside home, like ice cream or a cold drink.

Arjun denied eating anything and Sheela couldn't help but believe her son.

She then made him ready for school and fed him in between the sneezes. She gave him hot water in his water bottle and packed a couple of throat lozenges along with his lunch.

After the school bus took off, Sheela returned home and called her mother. Her mother gave her some home made tonic recipes.

The grandmother was worried that her dear grandson had caught cold and wanted do something. Her beloved TV show was running and in between the show, there was an ad about Dabur Chyawanprash. It had Amla and other 40 more ingredients to develop immunity. The Grandma watched all this with intense concentration.

That evening Grandma decided to visit her daughter and  Arjun. On the way she asked the auto driver to stop at the local supermarket.

Arjun returned home with fever and Sheela took him to a nearby clinic and was surprised to see many children of Arjun's age waiting there. No wonder Arjun caught cold and fever. His whole school must have had it, thought Sheela.

When they returned after the visit to the Doctor, they were surprised at the Grandma standing there at the door waiting for them. The sick Arjun was quickly pampered and put to sleep. And worried duo of the mother and the daughter discussed about Arjun's health.

Children are the ones who bring peace and happiness to the family. When the child falls sick, the adults find themselves finding it tough to look beyond their child's sickness and the whole family becomes filled with gloom.

The same thing happened at Arjun's home and his mother and Grandma was worried sick. Arjun was coughing and sneezing for a week and for that one week, his home oozed sadness.

The next Monday, when Arjun started going to school again, Sheela started a new routine her mother had advised.
She gave Arjun, Dabur Chyawanprash daily. Her mother had even bought it for her and she was told the goodness in it by her mother. She wanted to improve her son's immunity and that seemed a good way.

After one year

The climate had dropped to a record low that year. Sheela had not seen such a harsh climate in her life.

As her routine, she started making breakfast for her son. Her husband had gone soon today and she made use of that extra time in preparing Arjun's favourite lunch.

The clock struck seven and she went to her son's room. Arjun was sleeping peacefully and for a moment she didn't want to disturb her son's sleep.

It had been an year since she started giving her son Dabur Chyawanprash and she had seen her soon becoming healthy.

He had not fallen sick after that single episode in the past year. She was not even afraid when she saw a little boy sitting next to Arjun in the school bus coughing and sneezing. Her son had good immunity and she can breathe a little. She was happy looking at her healthy son and as the proverb goes, Health is Wealth and only a healthy child can be happy and only if the child is happy, the whole house is happy.

And then it was time to wake Arjun.

This post is written for a healthy child makes a happy home contest by Dabur in association with Indiblogger.

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