Tuesday, 13 January 2015


                                                    QUICKER WITH QUICKR!

The morning was dark and misty. The sun was yet to show his face to the earth. I could feel the chillness entering my ears and nose.
I went back inside and all I could see was an empty house with huge boxes stacked up at one corner. Without the things, the room seemed particularly empty.
It had been my home for the past twenty years. It had been a wonderful past. But it was the past.
We had packed everything and the movers had taken everything to send it to our new destination.
Yes. We were going to Bangalore.
I made my way to the car and once i shut the door, i felt the rush of emotions surfacing. I had been living there for ever and suddenly a new place was beckoning me.
With one final look at the closed gate, we were off.
The travel would be a long one and i closed my eyes and decided to while away the time napping.

The move to Bangalore or Bengaluru was a sudden one. We had not expected it and when it stared us in the face, we were shocked. Sometimes, or rather always, our human minds fail to accept the changes in our lives. Though it is said that Change is the only constant thing, we always feel uncomfortable when we are faced with a new challenge in our lives. That was what we felt.

Moving to a new place was challenging if you are entirely new to it. Though we had always been on the move, Bangalore was different altogether. We knew no one there and it made us panic when we had to decide on a place.
You first need a place to live, right?

That was when one of my friends suugested Quickr. She also said that Quickr had different pages for every region.
I decided to carry out her advice and i logged on to the Bangalore page of Quickr.
Oh Boy! Was i surprised!

The page had different categories that i could search for and as i was resolved to find a place. I clicked on the Real Estates category. It further asked me to tick my preferences under the houses for rent category. i selected my preferences according to the area we desired and the number of rooms we needed and whether we needed furnished houses or not.

The search results were amazing. It showed me many houses under my selected preferences.
I spent a lot of time browsing through various houses. Each person had posted the house description and their conditions too. It was easy to select according to your interests. 

After going through many houses for rent, i narrowed down on two of them. I called the owners through the given numbers. One was a house broker and the other was through the owner itself.
I told them that i will decide after visiting the houses personally and i had to make a quick trip to Bangalore.

After visiting, i liked both and after consulting with the family members, i decided on one.  Everyone were happy with the selection. And i was happy that it was over in few days rather than few weeks. Quickr made us save our precious time before actually shifting there.


The travel to Bangalore was smooth and we had placed the boxes of things at our new house. We then had to start the tedious process of unpacking and arranging. We decided to do it slowly since we were all tired that day. Though we had shifted most of our things, some were left out since it was too large or too old. The large ones could have occupied too much space while shifting them or the old ones would have damaged further. So they were not part of the troop and it was time to buy things.

The Quickr page had them too and all of us enjoyed the online search experience it gave. Soon we were visiting the owners and placing a bargain and buying things. Everyone found something for them.

My Grandpa who always wanted to learn something new, found some interesting courses for him through Quickr. Soon he found himself going to new classes and learning new hobbies. He was enjoying himself and he had made some good friends through his classes.

 My Grandma is a multi-lingual and at her new place, she found a language class to learn Kannada and soon enrolled in it. It was fun seeing them enthusiastic at what they were doing and it was nostalgia all over.

Quickr made us a way for adjusting ourselves beautifully in our new place, which had been so frightening in the first place.

Thus Quickr saved the day.

And i have been learning from my Grandma too.


This post is written as a part of It's just Quickr in Bangalore contest for Indiblogger.
Thanks for reading.

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