Saturday, 17 January 2015


I am defined by ...

When i sat down to write a few words about me, i was struck with writer's block. I guess for me, writing about myself was the toughest job. That makes me one among the masses, as we fail to see what we are, unless told by others.

So, before analyzing myself, i went on a quizzing spree.
My parents are the first persons i turn to for anything and for this too I went to them first.
My dad was busy reading a newspaper, when i asked him the question. His answer was that i was a good daughter.
Next i went to my mother, expecting the same gleeful answer. Her answer was that i was the procrastinating Queen.Not so gleeful.

Next step to my friends. All their answers were unanimous. They said Books define me. For the life of  me, i could not understand it. I may be spending most part of my time with my favourite books, but how does that define me? As a bookworm? I kept that as the answer.

Finally before doing the self psychoanalysis, i turned to my dog. As soon as i asked him the question, Tom's response was to lift his forelimbs. I patted his head and he went back to playing with his tail. He said that i was a good caretaker. Didn't he?

Though the easy method was to ask others about myself, it is never the correct method.

So, what am i defined by?

The little girl looked up at the sky,
She felt it was so high!

She wanted to conquer it all,
As soon as she grew up tall!

At six, she told a story,
With all it's glory!

She never stopped with that,
and she was never a brat!

Writing was her passion,
Soon drawing came into fashion.

Enthusiasm was never at loss,
She also made her first sauce.

A little adamant, but more respectful,
Her glass was always half full!

The girl had green fingers,
And was always envious of singers.

She had no limits for her ambition,
and everything fed into her passion!

She is asked to define herself,
When she always cares less about self.

She lives among many worlds,
And to describe her, she has nothing but a few words!

I have tried my best to define myself in the above few words.
Some might find it arrogantly ego-centric. I have not highlighted the negative part of mine. No one can deny that they are made up of complete positiveness. Both the good and the bad make the world and we human beings, as a part of that world are made up of the same too.
But, psychologically, as a person, we always overlook the fault within us. It is easy to find fault with others. As i said in the beginning, it is always others who find the fault within you. That is also good in a way to retain the optimism within oneself.

Also, a person can never be defined by one quality.
I have innumerable qualities in myself and others define me by what is more pronounced for them.
I see myself as a good daughter, a good student,a good friend, a good writer, a good cook, a good craft maker, a good care taker and i can see myself trying everyday to be a good human being.

No one can be stereotyped. I can define me by any of my qualities and they are never wrong.
No one should refrain themselves to only one stereotype.
If you can be a good cook, you can be a good writer too and as the woman we are, we should never be afraid to come out of the shell that the society is always imposing on us.

It is high time that we start the change in ourselves and the first step is to understand yourself to know your full potential and never be afraid to show it to the world.

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