Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Great Indian Litterbug


Who is he?
He is the great Indian Litterbug

Where can you see him?
Everywhere. In the mirror, perhaps?

What does he do?
This is such a difficult question.
He does nothing absolutely out of law.

You can see him everywhere - on the road, at home and everywhere your field of vision allows you

You can see him watch our PM talking about Swachh Bharath with intense awe and with the same awe he will throw his empty chip pack on the street.

You can see him cleaning his home with the robotic cleaner and all the disposal he does is on the corner of his street near the dustbin. He can never dispose in the dustbin because it is just too much hardwork. And also he can never keep the garbage at his home because he has to pray. But the world outside can be littered as people don't pray outside and there is some sort of feeling arising within him that says he should feel free to litter as soon as 1 mm from his home. Now, how can he ignore the inside voices? He is religious!

You can see him getting enthusiastic about the eco-green projects and he never minds blessing the plants with plastic. They must like it, right? P for P and all that.

You can see him aiming his empty cola can at a distance away and heavens bless him, he never gets his aim right. The bin remains empty though it has the cola cans nearby for it's company.

You can see him smoking like a chimney and alas his father is coming his way and the half smoked cigarette has fallen to the ground. The half smoked cigarettes really are so lazy because you can see them not moving even ages after.

You can see him chewing gums. The poor soul wants to get rid of his smoking habit. And he fixes his chewed gum everywhere so that he can raise awareness to reduce the smoking habits! What a compassionate soul! We really must need people like him, don't we?

You can see him admiring our national heritage. He wants to become as famous as Akbar and Birbal and he paints his own name on the walls. And by that he makes sure that he will be etched on to history forever or at least until the whitewash. Don't forget to read about him the next time you visit the history section in your library!

You can see him chewing betel leaves. It is our Indian thing and he religiously follows it. He is so good at drawing and sometimes when he couldn't find paints and brushes, he uses his betel paint, the most natural paint in the world!

You can see him standing before a wall. He likes them so much that he uses them as his canvas. Even the greatest painters like Picasso and da Vinci will be ashamed when they look at it. India has been having him and we never appreciated him, did we? Kudos!!

He is the great Indian Litterbug for you.

Next time you see him, don't forget to wish him! He may be right behind you or he may be in front you or was I talking the whole time about you?

Having read about the most patriotic person ever, do you feel the urge to follow him or do you think you are different?

Tell me how different you are!

This post is written for The Great Indian Litterbug Contest by Times of India in association with Indiblogger.


  1. Nobody can change Indians in this aspect until thay change themselves. ..

  2. Change is the only constant thing:) And let us bring the Change we all need!!!