Saturday, 24 January 2015

Oh My Love!

He was enjoying the rain. The climate had made him sweat just a few hours ago and now the heavenly pour has paved way for the serene climate. So he felt.
Surely, the persons surrounding him would have never felt the same way. Because of the sudden rain, they were stuck on their way, waiting at the sheltered bus stop for the rain to stop. Some were fully soaked and they felt they were on the way to hell.
But he didn't see it the same way. It was heavenly for him.
Why should he be different? Because, they say when you are in love, you see everything around you with love. Even when your bike refuses to start at 9.15 for a 9'o clock appointment, the love within you slowly takes your hand and says that it is OK and there is always the public transport.
He was love struck and he can never be the same person he was before.
It had been a tiring day for him and as he made his way to his friend's house, he just wanted to sleep and wanted nothing else. But that was his best friend's birthday and he can't miss this one.
He reached there just on time for the party. He was surprised at the attendance number at the party. It was certainly more than the usual. He congratulated his friend and after giving him his gift, he started chatting with his group of friends. Soon, the cake was cut and he had to fight with his eyes to keep it open when his friend gathered everyone's attention.
He was smiling and he said loudly that he was engaged!
His first reaction was surprise and after getting over it,  he hugged his friend congratulated him. His fiancé was there too and soon everyone were busy congratulating the couple.
They all had double reason to celebrate that day and he soon forgot his tiredness and went into party mode.
His day would have been insignificant if not for her. He met her that day.
She was not very beautiful and she was not very tall and he didn't start liking her that day. Love at first sight was not for him.
She was the friend of the fiancé and she came there late after the engagement announcement was done. She was apologizing profusely to her friend and his impression was not so good about her. He had made a long journey to attend his friend's party and that too after his heavy work that day and here he saw her coming late. He concluded her to be just friends to the soon to be bride.
The day ended with joy and wishes for the couple.
That weekend the couple had planned an engagement party for their closest friends. He had plans of catching upon his sleep and was not very happy with the multiple parties his friend was throwing them.
That actually turned out to be a treat at a restaurant. The restaurant was supposedly good and the small group of friends arrived there one by one. The couple were wearing synchronized clothing and he felt like a party crasher when he went there in his jeans and white shirt.
Soon everyone were introduced and he was mildly surprised that Aaradhana, the late comer at that party was actually the best friend of his best friend's fiance.
She too had come in her casuals and she was even wearing sneakers! Who wears sneakers for a party?
He felt mildly relieved that there was someone else who was not dressed for the occasion.
The dishes were wonderful and he was surprised at Aaradhana when she ate the complete serving of Biriyani. Doesn't all girls diet? Apparently, she didn't.
After a month, his friend had fixed the marriage date and soon he found himself going to his friend's home frequently. He helped him in his marriage planning and shopping.
His group of friends had planned a post-wedding party and though sick of adding many parties to his right schedule, he wanted to make the best for his friend.
That was when he received her call. She had called about the party they were planning and that was when he knew it was for the bride too. They agreed to work together and soon he found himself with her most of the days.
Although he though her to be arrogant and selfish in the beginning, he came to know her true character. She was quite shy in her own way and she was reluctant to travel with him for the arrangements.
Even before his friend's marriage happened he started having a huge crush on her.
The rain had stopped and he could smell the earthy smell which was lingering around. He was waiting for her.
After his friend's marriage, they had become close and though he still didn't know what she thought of him, he was sure that he had fallen for her.
He could see her walking towards him. Even the sight of her made his heart fly and he made one last prayer for his work to succeed.
She smiled when she came near him. She asked him whether he was waiting for her and started talking about her day.
It was the Valentine's day and not many people will be fretting on that day. Here she was doing it and he was listening to her. All the while, his heart was beating faster and louder and he could feel the excitement through out.
He gave her the cover he was carrying. She looked at the cover and then at him. He told her to open it once she reached home. He said his goodbye and left.
On the way back to his home, he was worrying constantly.
He had realized that she was the one and he wanted to propose to her. He wanted to know what she was thinking and he felt the only way was to ask her directly.
He then started thinking about how he could propose. Should he ask her directly or should he ask her through phone or should he do something differently.
He decided that he should do something that will take a place in her heart. Something that she can't ignore. 
He couldn't decide on one and finally he had a plan. She was a bookworm and would devour any book she lays her hands on. And he decided to write her a book.

He knew that it was a very peculiar way of proposing, but he felt sure about it.
Though he was not a very good writer, he was above average. He even used to love writing stories in his childhood.
He decided that he will propose to her on the Valentine's day and he had three months for it.
He spent hours pouring into the book and fortunately he was never at loss for words. He penned a story similar to their story and as the Valentine's day was approaching soon, he spent more time at it.

Finally, few weeks before Feb 14th, he had completed and proof read the book. He was amazed at his own skill.

And then, after publishing a copy by himself, he had called her on the Valentine's day. It was a Saturday and she was still sleeping when he had called. He had asked her to come to the bus stop and had given her the book.

He went home and sat in front of his TV and was looking at his mobile every minute.
He was sure that she will read it right away and he had his message in the book.

Aaradhana was surprised when he gave her the book and left. She went home and as he had thought, started reading it immediately.
She had her suspicions from the first page. The author name was new and there was no publisher's name. The female protagonist of the story was wearing the same colour dress as her when she first meets her hero. 

But it was at the last page she confirmed it and she was overwhelmed by his action.

She said yes and smiled and he took her in his arms and told her in a soft voice that he will always be there for her and she was the only one for him and he loved her million times more than she had ever imagined.
That was the end of their story. 
I have been in love with you for a very long time and i am sure i will be there with you forever to love you even more. You are a fierce independent woman and i hope you accept my proposal.
I will be waiting for your answer.

She took her phone and dialed his number.
He picked up on the first ring.
She told him that she had completed reading the book and she felt it was missing something.
He was getting anxious and asked her what was missing in the book.
She told him,' I can see that you have written the book yourself. You have a Prologue in it, but the Epilogue is missing!'
He asked her what he should do about it.
She told him ,'I would like to be a part of that Epilogue if you ever write one'
He could not understand her and she said that she too liked him but was afraid to take the first step.
She said, 'I love you too'

And that was one Happy ending. 


  1. Semmma po!!!! Liked it very much!!!

  2. Only book worms could say"I'd Lyk to be a part of ur epilogue", In response to a proposal....!! 😁😆
    Gud one.....!! ❤❤