Saturday, 14 June 2014

Book Review - Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express

Agatha Christie....  a well known writer. One of her classic masterpieces is Murder on the Orient Express.
It is a Hercule Poirot novel.
It starts with Poirot travelling in a train and circumstances lead him to travel in the Orient Express.
And as the name implies, there occurs a murder. And the victim has asked Poirots help the previous day, since he had received death threats. Poirot refuses to help him since he feels that there is a bad aura around him and he says to the victim that he cannot work for him, since he didn't like his face.(Hah!)
The very next day, the train gets snowed in and the murder has happened the previous night. The director of the rail line who is also a close associate of Mr.Poirot asks Poirots help in solving the case.
Now Poirot enters the case. His instinct tells him to check the first class passengers first, since the victim was a first class passenger himself.
What follows is the revelation that the victim is a heartless murderer and he is needed in a ruthless murder of a child.
This paves way for a motive and the case is further twisted when none of the passengers turn to be Americans and some of them seemed to have seen a lady in a red kimono the previous night.
Also a button of a conductor is found. Also enters a short, dark man with a woman like voice.
How does the case turn out?
It was a page-turner.
You would want to know the murderer and your heart won't relent until you have done so.
Could be rated 9.5/10.

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