Monday, 15 September 2014


After reading P.S I love you, I wanted to read another book by her and got The Gift, which was OK for me.
It has been some years now. So I wanted to try an other one and so I got myself her another book called If You Could See Me Now.
IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW - Cecilia Ahern - a review.
The synopsis behind the book was great and it prompted me to get this one.
The story involves Elizabeth Egan, an interior designer by profession and who wears nothing but black and beige clothes.
She has a sister Saroise ( the pronunciation is really different) who is carefree and she never really cares about anything. She becomes pregnant at a very young age and she doesn't know who is the father and she doesn't care for her child too.
The child of Saroise is Luke and Elizabeth adopts him.
So the life goes on for Elizabeth and Luke.
In comes Ivan, a slightly different (literally) person.
He comes as a  friend for Luke and afterwards realizes his real job is to be friends with Elizabeth and not Luke.
The three enjoy glorious moments and Elizabeth and Ivan gets closer.
After Ivan, Elizabeth starts letting herself loose and her past worries and haunts disappear.
But Ivan is a secret to Elizabeth and she realizes she doesn't know anything about him.
Ivan realizes they can never to be togethe, but he cannot let her go.
Both Ivan and Elizabeth start thinking and the rest forms the climax.
Thought the end was predictable, it still formed a great and touching story.
Now having read this one, I am going to read her next.
Totally a touching one, but not at par with P.S I love You.

Many may call this chick lit, but it certainly is not that.

Also comes the characters-

-Her mother and according to her, she is a carefree spirit and she is yet to return from her adventure.

-Her father- who is still waiting for his wife having reared the children on his own.

-Benjamin- an American and a friend of Elizabeth.

Rating - 8/10

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