Thursday, 25 September 2014

Book Review - The Muddy River by P.A Krishnan

The Muddy River - P.A Krishnan
- A review

Most of us ( may be only me) have the habit of buying books only by well known authors. I usually pick up a book based on its author or if I have seen its review(and if it is good). So I surprised myself when I ordered this book. Online shopping is really convenient and though it denies the exhilarating feeling you get when you enter a book store ( true addicts!), it is absolutely wonderful in giving us wide options. This book was on an offer price and I got this.
This book has been typed using different fonts. It contains a novel within a novel (literally!). So the different fonts for the novel by the fictional character and the fonts for the story are actually a blessing in not confusing us. You can easily breeze through the book without any chaos!
Now to the story. ( At last)
It follows the story of Ramesh Chandran. He is working in a government sector office at Delhi. After a sarcastic response letter to his highly irritating boss, he gets transferred to post dept. From there he gets transferred to Assam. All because of some hot piping tea.
In Assam he is a vigilance officer. There a senior engineer Mr.Ghosh is kidnapped. He is in charge of bringing him back. His wife Mrs.Ghosh relies on him to bring him back. No one expects him to take the kidnapping seriously as it is fairly normal. His sincerity irks the bosses at Delhi.
Also a mysterious character hints him about some 'refund'.
And Anupama enlightens him on Front loading in contracts. And he confronts his CEO.
Together he is caught in his own acts being the only sincere among the sluggish group. And what follows is a racy story.
Also there are characters namely,his wife Sukanya. Their daughter Priya. His friends Sudir and Herbert. The novel comes as the manuscript sent to Sudir and Herbert and their reply to Sukanya comes back in between.
Overall a wonderful fiction or rather aemi-fiction.
It was really an interesting read and so different from all the (modern) Indian authors who write novel as if the job of the youth is to go behind his or her bf/gf.
And it is really sad to see these type of books not coming into the limelight and a bf/gf book with all A rated scenes will be a bestseller.
I hope at least in future more people divulges into the literary pursuit and come up with a masterpiece.
Don't know what other books he has written.
0.5 for not publicizing the book :-)

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