Saturday, 8 November 2014

A trail in the rain - a short story

A TRAIL IN THE RAIN - a short story
by Vaishnavie Krishnasamy
   I open the door. The cool breeze hits against my face. I close my eyes not able to withstand the force against which it hits. On closing the eyes, the tears in my eyes flow down my cheeks making them wet. I don’t have the strength to wipe them off. No one is going to see and I have crossed the point in my life where I will be worrying for such petty things. I walk with staggering steps. The roads seem too dusty today. My shoes make a crushing sound, but I am too aloof now to care what I have broken. The rain starts drizzling. The faint rain drops fall on my face, hiding the tears already flowing there.
           My gait starts staggering more I feel choked. I know that I will not be able to gather up the strength to complete my task. I can see the house from here. It is standing tall and proud, withstanding the rain, which is now pouring heavily. The black silhouette of that tall building looks blacker than the darkness that prevails in my mind.
          The thoughts in my head pour faster than the rain. I feel so worn out to concentrate the flow in my mind. They keep changing. They worsen the feeling in my heart. The once happy feelings are now turning into large blocks in my mind. I fail to interpret what my conscience is shouting from inside. The rain is now pouring heavily and I strain to look into the path that is partially blocked by the trees in the garden. I hesitantly keep the next step on the mud road.
    I don’t know whether my ears are deceiving me, but I hear someone walking beside me. I move slowly now. I really could feel the soft thumping sound of someone walking. My heart beats faster now. I could feel my arms going into tremors. I get a creepy feeling clinging to my body. I am suddenly immobile. The footsteps have stopped now. I could hear someone breathing heavily behind me. My tears have stopped coming now. Unexpectedly, my hands are grasped. I can feel the familiar feeling crawling into me. I start to turn slowly.
   I look at the person standing there, towering over me. Now my tears stars overpowering me. Many hours could have passed, but I will never know. The rain has stopped completely to make my eyes fall generously on the soul before me. I peer into the eyes searching for any piece of evidence that I could take in to pacify my dying soul. The heaviness I feel in my heart starts migrating towards my mouth.
‘‘I… I am... I didn’t…’’
I know. The voice said.
I know. The voice said again.
I could only hear the voice as my eyes are closed and the paradoxical feeling of calmness with darkness prevails inside me.
The rain has stopped finally.

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  1. Nice.... very true. We should take care and balance everything. ..

  2. Love it !!!

  3. Is this a first chapter of a novel or is it a short story?