Saturday, 8 November 2014

Heart or mind? What do you listen to? What should you listen to?

Heart or Mind?
Most us would have had at least one experience in our lives where you had a huge debate whether to follow your heart or your mind?
Now what do we mean by following the heart and mind?
You have a wonderful evening ahead. The season has changed and a chill breeze is flowing in through the windows. But you wonder what to do?
For eg., You want to study for the test that is coming in three months. You also want to read a new novel that has been waiting on the table for the whole week. Now, what do you do?
Mind: You have a test and so you should study.
Heart: A new novel is waiting.
Mind: You don't have time
Heart: I will read the novel first and then I will study.
Now, we are at logger heads with ourselves. Who are we supposed to follow?
What is the right thing?
Let us see.
Some say there is a huge difference between ambition and passion.
An ambition is where you feel you have to achieve something great.
A passion defines you. By doing something you like, you follow your passion.
Now, the heart is to passion what mind is to ambition.
We all have heard about an ambitious mind and a passionate heart, right? That seems correct.
Now, having read about all these, you might want to know what can be done?
All I wanted to ask is
Why shouldn't the two be synchronized?
Why can't we follow both our hearts and minds?
Is this even possible?
Why shouldn't following the passion be the ambition?
Why can't one follow both your heart and mind?
Living a life is all about balancing. You have to balance both ups and downs in your life.
Similarly, you may want to balance your heart and mind. Not too much mind and not too much heart. Too much of anything is dangerous and so balancing is the key.
Quoting my previous example, I want to say that if my mind wants to study and if my heart wants to read a novel and I want both to be done. Now I will have to prioritize the need.
Following too much of your mind - you may never be happy. You are OK in life. But what you have always wanted to do in life is being buried in your heart.
Following too much of your heart- you may never even be OK in life. But you will be happy.
Following both - both happy and an OK life.
But the art of balancing should be followed for it to happen.
If the balancing of the heart and mind happens, then there comes the life we all have been waiting for.
But this raises an other question. For the art of balancing, what should be followed?


  1. Answer is: common sense, the most ignored aspect across our country.

  2. I think common sense doesn't play a role in a fight against heart and mind.

    1. I do agree with you. Common sense is what you are supposed to have always and what my article is about is which plays a major role in decision making. The heart or the mind?