Wednesday, 31 December 2014


It was the New Year's eve. The lights were shining bright everywhere. The world was looming with hope. Everyone hoped of a better future. A better place to live. A better food to eat. A better everything. The New year gives you all.
Though the past 12 months had not been going your way, that day makes you feel that everything will go well in the upcoming year.
As a result, everyone of us want to create a new us. Isn't it wonderful when you want to change yourself?
But that doesn't stop with inner personal self. It also includes everything around you. Everything from the bathroom mirror to your car's rearview mirror. Perfect to your liking and along with quality. That does makes sense.
Everyone has a New Resolution on Dec 31. Whether it continues throughout is what matters!
I too had a resolution. Let me tell you how i came to think about it.
I was reading a mystery book, lying down on my sofa and trying to get into the plot. Since it was too boring, i decided to try out the television set. It was full of movies since it was New Year's eve. I decided on one channel and tried watching it. Heaven knew i tried watching it. But it was too boring for me.
It was the day where millions of people were partying right now and i for one was sitting at my home with nothing to do and no one for company. I should have accepted my friend's invitation when he called me for the Goa trip. At that time it sounded so lame to me. But then i felt that it was the most sane idea i could have chosen.
I was there hiding in my self-pity. It was not a good thing for anyone's ego. You need to show the world that you are capable and that you are the master at anything. King of the World!
You need to prove yourself that you can win.
Yes! Winning!
I could do that.
I switched on my tab and started playing my favourite game, which was The Subway Surfers.
I was so held up at work, that i had not been finding time to play.
When i started jumping over the trains in my favourite avatar, i felt my energy increasing. I felt the zeal inside me.
Ouch! I had got killed by a train!
I started playing again.
Again killed. But i did dodge the train faster than the supe rfast express. Even then, i was killed!
What is the worth of a life!
The game had started again!
This time i was being extra careful. I wanted to beat my high score. Also, i also wanted to come on top of the overall score. Wouldn't that be a present for myself on that day?
Yes. It would be.
The game's speed had increased and i was literally flying!
I had beat my High Score!
The next target was to beat the top score.
I was just ten points away, when my avatat in his baggy green pants, was hung up in the mid air.
My tab responded with a message.
 Subway surfers is not responding. Do you want to close it?
Oh! No!
My fingers were really aching from playing for the past one hour.
I was just an inch away from my crowning glory and it was taken from me. All because of that tab.
I gave that tab an annoying look and i was pressing all the buttons it had to make it work again. It had just freezed and had freezed my score along with it.
At the very moment, my tab started vibrating and i could see my girlfriend was calling. She was out of town and she was calling me at ...
Oh! It was NEW YEAR!
My tab was still stuck and i could not attend her call.
All because of just one hour playing? I called my girlfriend from my landline and wished her New Year.
And i sat down to frame my New Year Resolutions.
1.Never forget to wish your girlfriend first, even you are about to fall from a 1000ft high place.
2.Get yourself the new Micromax Canvas tab - P666, because you are a gamer.
and on and on it went. But the most important were the first two.

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