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Book Review - The Archer's revenge by Destination Infinity

by Destination Infinity
- a book review

First impression is the best impression. Always! It is not bias or anything. Just an impression. That is why we people tend to judge everything by the outer appearances.
When I first saw this book, my opinion was, 'Such a small book!'
But does first impressions always last forever? Read on.

Now, let us go into the review of 'The Archer's Revenge' by Destination Infinity.

After reading the synopsis from the back of the book, the reader gets a general idea about the skeleton of the book.

Of course! You have it in the title too!

Revenge is what the protagonist of the novel, Aryan seeks. Revenge against a minister, who is politically powerful. He wants the minister punished. Punished for his murder of Aryan's father. Thus the author forms the skeleton of the story.

The story of Aryan starts at New Delhi and continues to Tirupati and Chennai.
Aryan has cleverly planned to kill the minister by his only way, archery. The author then explains about how Aryan became a trained archer and how his father honed his skills. The plot starts from the place where Aryan is waiting to kill the minister and then it goes backwards in explaining the root of it.
The first plan goes awry and Aryan gets a company, Divya.

Divya is a trained archer too and she too wants to murder the minister. But why does she want to kill him? And do they plan together? Or do they go their own ways? What happens next? These are the questions the reader might have at this point and the story answers it.

Now, coming to the way of writing. The writing is crisp and clear. The story takes you in it's course. You don't have to check with the previous pages to continue your reading.

Regarding the characters, in addition to Aryan and Divya, the minister Guru forms the main character. The plot evolves with these three characters. Along the course of the story, there may be one or two characters coming to direct the story, but the three main characters are Aryan, Divya and the Minister, Guru.

The lead characters are both archers and they are supposedly good at it. So, the lack of much archery usage is intriguing. The character is a potential archer and his abilities could have been used better. The other character too was lacking in depth.

The villain of the novel is portrayed well and the changes in his life leading to his present state was good too. If the villain's psyche is explored to that level and the protagonists are not given enough attention, the story becomes the antagonist's.

The twist at the end is nice and it gave a good end to the story. But when Aryan blindly believes the character at the beginning of the story, the plot takes a step behind. He uses google maps for his every move and he is smart at that and he doesn't even doubt about that character even once. ( Read the book to know which character I am saying)

The story ends as soon as it starts. The story could have been extended and the plot could have been developed more. As such, the novel gives us a good read, but I did feel like it was cut short.

The ending came when you were engrossed in the story and it left you wanting more. It was a good plot and only if it had contained a little more matter. Finally, the story felt like it was just the base. The plot is good and only if it had been developed a little more and introduced some more characters, the reader would have been happier. Though we can say that this is the first novel by the author, it still needs improvising.

If it had been some 300+ novel, the ending would have led to a speculation about a sequel. Since, this is a short novel, we should accept the ending and put an end to the archer.

I enjoyed reading the novel and I hope the author writes a full length novel in the future.

Book name: The Archer's Revenge
Author: Destination Infinity ( Pen Name)
Pages: 136
Genre: Fiction
My Rating: 6.5/10

You can get the paperback copy from Flipkart here.
You can get the kindle edition here.


  1. I appreciate your frank review. Actually, I wanted to write this story as a short story on my blog, but since it kept getting bigger, I decided to write a novella out of it. Other reviewers have also mentioned that this story is like a short version of a bigger novel. But frankly, I had to stretch a bit to achieve 30k words! I guess it's also because this is my first attempt at writing a novel.

    After writing this novel, I read a few books on how to write good fiction, and I realize where I could have improvised. I am practicing some of those elements and hope to write a fuller novel, that feels like a novel, next. Most probably, my next story will be a historical fiction set in Mongolia.

    Reviews like yours will help budding novelists to write better stories. Thanks for reading the book and expressing your thoughts on the same. Much appreciated.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Thank you for taking it in a sportive way. Even the famed authors have something to improvise on always! Historical novel in Mongolia sounds good! All the best for your future novels.