Friday, 9 January 2015

27coupons saves the day!

The long day finally ended.
It was a very long day indeed!

The sun was ready to bid his goodbye for the day and I was waiting for the moon to show it's face, so that I could take a long rest. Exams does take away all your strength and makes you forget the world around. I had completed my exams and I was feeling like an old person in need of food.
Now that I am home, I can eat well and sleep well. And also I can move about freely without a constant panic at the back of my head. Exams give you that!

I opened the refrigerator and searched for a soft drink. I usually stock this up and everyone in my family know that they can't touch them. Because they are meant to be consumed by me and no one wanted to face my wrath. I can get serious when it involves food!

I took one pet can and as a habit, I looked at it's expiry date.

The expiry date was Jan 12th, 2015.
And today was Jan 10th, 2015. Just two days more!

My brain was judging the dilemma whether to drink it or not, when I had a sudden alarm go on in my head.

I looked at the date again.

Jan 12th, 2015

I widened my eyes and looked at it again.

Jan 12th, 2015.

No! It can't be! Right?
Can it be?

Yes! It really is!
My best friend's birthday is on Jan 12th and it was the day after tomorrow. And I have completely forgotten it! How could I? I was furious with myself for forgetting her birthday. We have been the best of friends from childhood and we knew each other like the back of our hands.

But then I had forgotten her birthday! It must have been due to all the exams i had been writing. They sure did suck out all my energy.

I hadn't bought her a gift yet! There was no good shops nearby and the best way was to do online shopping. You always can ask them to deliver it the next day!

But even that had a glitch in it. I had not saved up enough to get her a nice gift. I am continuously proving how incompetent o had become. I shouldn't have spend so much!

I quickly searched up the internet for any on going offers. I was praying to all the Gods in Heaven to show me a way.
There must be a way, right? There must be a way for people like me to correct ourselves.

I need to find her a perfect gift and that should be within my budget. Who will show me the way?

Self help is always the best help! Isn't it?
I was surfing with resolve.

That was when I spotted the amazing site of
I was randomly browsing through sites when I spotted it.

I found a Flipkart coupon in it. I went to the Flipkart site and ordered a beautiful pair of heels from a well known brand.

They were offering it at a discount of 70 percent and who would miss that. She had always wanted a beautiful pair of heels in beige colour and with that I was going to satisfy her dream.

I presented it to her on her birthday and she called me the very next day. She couldn't find words to describe her joy and I must say that I was happier than her.

It is not everyday that you get to satisfy other's wishes. How trivial that wish may be, when looked with a broader view, it is a wish. And making that happen is something that cannot be done by everyone.

And that is how 27coupons gave me an opportunity to do it. If it was not for 27coupons website, I would have been filled with gloom and I couldn't guess what I would have given her for her birthday. I spotted the offer at the right time because of that website and now I know where to look when I am going on an online shopping spree.

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