Saturday, 10 January 2015

The dream of an ordinary girl!

The smooth shining skin,
Like the porcelain in appearance.

With a glow that fades the room!
With a brightness that makes the sun shy!
With a radiance that emanates from it!

The skin that gives the bearer the confidence!
The skin that you will fall in love with!


         The dream of an ordinary girl!

That night she dreams of her beautiful skin,
Only to wake up and look at the sin!

In the morning light, in the vanity mirror,
The red papule makes her scream in horror!

Gathering her nerves, she gives it a little press.
Even the sun looked at her, when she screamed in distress!

Tiny colourless drops falling from her eyes!
She looks at it again and sighs!

What should she do?

She wanted what every girl wished for!
The clean and supple skin!

The skin that will reflect the light!
With the touch that is buttery soft!

But now she is suffering the nature's wrath!
What did she do to get it?

What can be done?
Remedies are better said than done!


Every girl dreams of that day,
When everything goes her way!

Two souls unite together,
To be in the holy matrimony forever!

She wanted to be the best bride,
But the pimple is hurting her pride!

Not many more days for that day,
Where everyone will be happy and gay!

She had chosen a red silk Saree,
And invited all the friends for the party!

So much had gone into the plan,
And that too in a very short span!

Pimple had arrived unexpectedly,
And mother looked at her worriedly.

Turmeric and Neem were Grandma's way!
But it needed time to have its say!

Not much time was left,
For her to experiment.

Work dominated her pace,
And Pimple ruled her face.

The Bride's day was coming near,
And she was creeping with fear.

The bride's usually looked the best!
The glow glooming the rest!

She had wanted that day to be her's!

She tried every trick in the book,
But nothing helped her better the look!

Countless prayers were said!
But all the treatments had failed!

The day finally dawned bright!
She had lost her fight!

She was ready to face her fate,
And pitied herself at her state!

Thick creams were applied,
Ladoos and Jalebis were supplied!

The proud Pimple stood alone,
The lonely warrior fighting on it's own!

The groom looked his handsome best,
She felt her life was it's worst!

She would soon lose her surname,
Still, her beauty was searching for fame!

He looked at her, as if it was the first!
In his eyes, she looked the best!

But, the woman needs her vanity!
So she can find her sanity!

The wedding was done finally!
Now, time to pose gleefully!

The cameras flashed bright,
Blinding everyone in sight!

The family picture was taken fast!
The wedding had ended at last!

The Bride and Groom looked at her!
And the picture was crystal clear!

Smiles were plastered on their face!
And love was evident in their gaze!

But she had eyes for only one!
Surely, the pimple had won!

She had lost to the mean pimple,
Only if the cure had been simple!

The photos will haunt her life long!
Singing the same melancholic song!

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  1. Hi Vaishnavi, this was really a neat and tidy poem. And you made the whole thing RHYME! I just love poems that rhyme. Pretty good, Vaishanvi! And you portrayed the plight of the girl well. :) Kudos.