Thursday, 29 January 2015

Book Review - Thar Express by Nagendra Murthi

It is not everyday that you come across a book that makes you want to know what is happening next?
Today I am going to review one such book. I received this eBook as a part of Blogadda's reviewer program and I didn't have any expectations before starting this one.
This book tells you the story of a person who has lost his memory. He doesn't remember who he is nor where he was from. He doesn't even remember his name. He was at an army hospital at Kashmir. He would have been left to his own good except for one glitch. He was found d unconscious at LOC.
Who was he and what was he doing at the line of control?
The army people are curious to know and they are not happy with his answer that he doesn't remember anything from his past.
One day he has a dream of his mom calling him Mano. He then remembers that everyone used to call him Mano. Except for this one minor improvement, he is left in the dark. Try as he might, he couldn't remember.

There had been a bomb blast and the hospital is filled with patients from the blast.
And one day, he gets an unusual visitor at his hospital bed? Who was the visitor?
Mano is then examined by a renowned psychiatrist. He believes that Mano's answer is genuine enough and he is further sent to Nashik for treatment by yet another renowned doctor.
From there, the reader gets to see the journey he takes. The novel takes you to Nashik from Kashmir and then to Trichy in Tamilnadu and next to Hyderabad and to Goa and to Odisha.
Mano is traveling to find about himself.
Who is he? Is he an Indian? Or is he a terrorist? Or is he a person from the Indian army? Is he innocent or guilty?
These are the questions I asked myself throughout the book until I read the end.
This book is what they call a 'page turner'.
I was so curious to find out about him that I was waiting for the answer to show up in every page.
When you read about how Mano gathers clues about himself, it is like a huge puzzle in your head too.
You can't help wonder out aloud along with him whenever he asks him questions. Who was he? Why was he there?
When Mano finds little bits about himself your mind starts playing detective. May be he was this or may be he was that?
And at the end when you get to know everything, I had really read a thriller. I sure didn't expect it and the author had aptly titled it as That Express.
The writing style is simple and neat. He doesn't throw in heavy words. With a great plot the book was easy to read and I completed it in one sitting.
The author must be greatly appreciated for his efforts and keeping the suspense until the end. And also if not for Blogadda I would have missed such a wonderful book.
This book is available only as an eBook.
My Rating: 9/10

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