Friday, 30 January 2015

Quikr Nxt

A few years back, shopping existed in only one form and that certainly was not the online way. This era could very well be called as the era of Online Shopping.
Online shopping gives you the comfort of shopping at your place, at your time and pace. You can buy it or you can skip it for a better one. The life is full of options and online shopping gives you many such options.
Quikr is one such online shopping portal. It offers you services according to your place. You can access it from your computer as well as from your mobile. It offers various products. You can use it to find a house for rent as well as for sale. You can find a new or a used product from various sellers from your city.
You can go through the pictures provided and select one according to your preferences.
Now Quickr has an other feature. Which is Quickr Nxt - a chat option.
Whenever you look at an item, your mind is filled with all possible questions.

According to me, the 3 advantages that the Quickr Nxt chat option has over the conventional phone conversation is as follows.

The first advantage would be

Sharing of photos instantly

Even though the specifications would be mentioned in the ad for a product or house, you will definitely have something more to ask. If you have been looking for a house, you can contact the seller through the Quikr Nxt chat option and ask for even more photos. You can ask for the view of the whole house or the view of a particular room. The seller can send you the photos immediately and if it is to your liking, you can proceed with your purchase.
Even though you can call and clear your clarifications, it will certainly not be as satisfying as seeing a picture.

And the second one is

The Backup

Not all of us are blessed with photographic memory. The Quikr Nxt chat option also has an other useful feature. It saves all the chat you have done. And as I have said above, you can share images. As soon as you get the picture you had requested, you see once or twice. But later when you are sitting idle in front of the television, your brain wakes up and reminds you that you have missed some important information. That is when Quikr Nxt comes in useful. You can go and revisit your chat history. The pictures will be there. The details will be there. You don't have to worry about forgetting the intricate details.
But when you call and talk to a person for any query, it is human nature to forget little details later. So, in this criteria the chat option certainly has the advantage.

And the third one would be

Do not wait

We are living in a very busy world and we certainly cannot expect anyone to be extremely free all the time. Whether you are using the Quikr Nxt feature as a buyer or as a seller, you need not wait for the other person to pick his or her call. The person might be busy and as a result she might be unavailable to take your calls. If there is no chat feature, you just have the option of calling. And when you ultimately decide to purchase from that seller and call the person to settle the deal, the seller might be not available to pick your call. You might try once or twice and then you will fret and leave that deal. Some might even consider things like these as a bad omen and that would be the end of it. But a good deal might have been lost for both the buyer and the seller.

When you are using the Quikr Nxt option, you can send a message to the seller and you can do your own work. The seller will surely reply as soon as he or she is available. Then you can settle the deal. A good offer wouldn't be lost anymore.

You can also use the Quikr Nxt feature in both your mobile and desktop.

Although the Quikr Nxt feature offers many advantages, I found the above three to be the best features. These three will make the chat feature certainly useful and even more beneficial for the prospective buyers and sellers.

This post is written for the Quikr NXT Happy Hour at Indiblogger.

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