Saturday, 31 January 2015

Living a meaningful life

Sometimes life doesn't give you second chances. All you have got is one life and what we all do is spend that life in what we think is important.
What all we had sacrificed for it?
Getting up before the sun rises and not a chance to sit down till the sun sets. Life has become one crazy ride and we feel ourselves tied to that roller coaster. We are busy worrying about the downs when it is going up and we are busy getting ready for the ups it will offer soon. But one thing we all fail to do is to catch the view it offers. When you are the peak and before it takes you down, you can look at the world differently than ever before. But how many of us do that? Our eyes are busy zooming in on the impending fall. Even if you don't focus on it, you will go there and ultimately the peak. So, why not enjoy the view?
Our life is one huge roller coaster where we go along the rise and fall in which it had planned.
We are busy creating and enhancing it, that we fail to feel the intricate part of it.
The mechanical life has made us into machines. Soon our souls too will become mechanical. And then there will be no turning back for us.

So before we lose our lives to the daily pressure and the worldly life, let us think. Think about what you want to do before we become robots to work.

Some pleasures. Some activities you had always liked. The act of doing itself makes you energized. When was the last time we immersed ourselves into it?
Long long ago and so long ago.

And when I sat back and gave a thought about what I would like to do, I came up with the following three. It may sound absurd to some. But the passion it gives you when you indulge in your favorite activities, you can never derive it anywhere else. It gives the ultimate satisfaction of having done something in life. It gives you the joy of having achieved the goal in your life which the long hours at the office doesn't give.
Without further ado, let me tell you the activities I have been only dreaming to do.


Writing a Novel

I have been wanting to write a novel for a very long time. Many a time I have sat down to pen one. I would write a few pages and then my life would overtake me and the story itself would have been forgotten. This is my first and foremost longing and I have been procrastinating it for a few years now. If given a chance, I would like to become an author first. Sitting among the trees and dreaming about the sky is certainly my cup if tea.


Learning French

I don't remember how I became fond of the French language. I remember asking my parents to join me in a French class during school days. But time never permitted me to explore into a new language. Time has been my greatest enemy and it had me chained and constrained that I was unable to pursue my passions. Passion gives the life a meaning and a direction. Even now I want to learn it and I sure would if I have a chance. So, this is the second in my to-do list.


Exploring the world around - Leading a Nomadic life

Time truly is vengeful. It never gives me time to go on a little adventurous exploration. My exploration I am not painting a picture which involves archaeology or mountain climbing. A simple mind with which I have been blessed never think of such extravaganza.
By exploring, what I really want is to get on a bus or train and go to a new place and to wander around. I want to go wherever the vehicle takes me. I want to get down and explore. Some few clicks wouldn't hurt too.
The world is one beautiful place and by sitting and leading the life in a small four walled room doesn't make any sense. Going to new places, meeting new people will certainly give me the experience of a life time and will lead to a meaningful life.
So given the chance I want the nomadic in me to dominate my life.

The three things I would want to do are the above and certainly I would like to satisfy at least one yearning of mine.

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