Sunday, 15 February 2015

Will you be my Valentine?

As I sit writing this post or rather typing this post, the world around is waking up to a great day. Yes. Today is Valentine's day.

Today will be the day where roses are exchanged, with their redness depicting the hearts they have given to the other. It is a day full of love. A day full of joy with your Valentine.

Now, who is a Valentine?

Valentine is someone who has stolen your heart, who makes you breathless, who will make your heart forget it's rhythmic beat and your eyes will forever be signed to that Valentine.

How many of you have found such a Valentine for this Valentine's day?

Now, I have found something worthy enough to be my Valentine.

In one of my previous post, I have mentioned about the Asus phones.

Let me tell you five reasons about how 

Zenfone 5 will be my Valentine for the V-day!

1. The first should be the best and I promise to follow it. So, here it goes.

Asus Zenfone has 2GB RAM!

This one specification was enough to drive me crazy over it. One of my friends wanted a new phone, a few months back. That was the time when most of us were in a phase of getting us better gadgets.

I had purchased a new phone a few months before. So, when she asked me for some ideas, I naturally recommended mine and promised her to surf the net for more options.
I was shell shocked! I really was.

I used the Flipkart app to look into different models and their specifications. I noticed this phone under 10,000 category. And when I looked into the specs, my eyes fell onto the Memory category.

At first, I refused to believe. It must have been an error. 2GB RAM at 9999 INR? Are u kidding? Was the App kidding?
No, It wasn't.
It truly had 2GB RAM.

I am the type of person who opens an app and in the middle of a game or so, opens another app to check my messages.

So, naturally I was in need of a higher memory. But all 2GB RAM phones were beyond my budget.

Zenfone 5 had it and I had already purchased something else.

I cursed myself for not having waited a little more.

2. Even though it comes under the title '2nd', it is by no means inferior. Now what is it?
The Camera.

I am not a professional photographer.
But, that doesn't mean I won't stop to take a picture, of a bug creeping slowly on a leaf, or a click at the heavens showing a mix of wonderful bluish palette.

Even before the 'Let's take a selfie pulla' song hit the road, I was bitten by the selfie bug and I turned into a shutter bug to satisfy the inner demons.

As I have said already, I am by no means a professional photographer ( That doesn't make my photo less beautiful), so I don't carry the camera with me always. Sometimes, after class, when I am on the way out, I will want to take a picture of nothing in particular. Those times, the true saviour will be the phone camera.

Asus Zenfone has a 8MP primary camera and a 2MP front camera. Gone are the days when your face on camera, looked like a picture from the previous century. With this 2MP primary camera, my friend doesn't stop taking selfies. And as her friends, we too use the opportunities to freeze the time and store them in the memory card.

And the 8MP camera never disappoints me, when I borrow her phone to click some random shots whenever we are on an outing.
Eager to read the next? Next is nothing less.

3. Memory. Memory is such an important and integral part in our lives. Recent memory. Remote memory. Immediate memory. But all these could never help you, when you have to play all the best games from your phone, if your internal memory is poor. No memory pills for it.  You just have to change the basic component. Though you can move your apps and games to your beloved Class 10 SD card, it is not the same when you store it in your phone itself.

Asus Zenfone is blessed with good memory. It has an internal stotage of 16 GB RAM. How much of photos and songs can I have? Plenty!
You never have to worry about your phone hanging in the middle of a race to the high score.

 Combined with a RAM of 2 GB, it surely does create a platform for gamers.

4. The cricket season is here. And if you are a person who is constantly on the move or if you are like me, who has to fend off people wanting to watch soap operas, to cheer for my country, then you would know how valuable YouTube is.

The fight for the single TV screen at hostel is something worse than the world war. I should dedicate a separate blog post for that. Now, coming to the matter at hand, the fourth reason.

The fourth reason why this phone deserves to be my Valentine is 'the screen size'.

It is perfect at 5 inches. I, for one have to use Video channels to watch my favourite matches, when I can't fight off those soap opera maniacs. ( No offence! ) For this, I would feel better if the screen size is reasonably large.

The 5 inches screen with IPS display and good pixel grade, would be easy on my eyes and it will not be difficult for me to carry it around.  It is neither a toy phone size nor a brick, and it is perfect for me.

5. Now, we are at the end of this Valentine post. What could be the fifth one? I have told you about its awe inspiring RAM, the high pixel camera, the ever perfect Memory, the pleasant appearance in 5 inches. Have I told you all of the qualities? What would you need more from a Valentine?

But there is a little more. And let us postpone the ending a little bit more.

The last and the final one is about it's processor. Asus Zenfone comes with 1.6 GHz processor with Intel Hyperthread technology, which is better than how it sounds! I have used my friend's mobile many times. And you can never complain about it! She doesn't complain about me using her phone most of the time too.

The qualities of the Valentine described in numbers. These 5 make the Asus Zenfone series a worthy contender for the Valentine post this Valentine's day. It is my Valentine for tomorrow.

What do you say?

This post is written for Asus #unconditionallove in association with Indiblogger.

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