Tuesday, 17 February 2015


When we were little, nothing could stop our dreams. Sky was the limit and sometimes, even it couldn't hold us back. Those were the times that we were nourished with ideas. Not just ideas, but dreams, hope, ambition, passion and everything else. 

Growing up consisted of dreaming all one wanted to be. Each day had a different dream and as a child, no one stepped back and doubted their intentions. No constraints. Life used to be an open ground and as far as you can see, you can see just the green grass. 

What happened when adulthood knocked at the gates? It didn't kill the dreams. It just made the dreams less important. It planted priorities in our lives. The passion of that little child lost to the priorities. And finally man lost his life to the priorities.

When was the last time you did something, that actually interested you? How many of us still do that?  

What will you do if you are blessed with a care free life? Conquer the world, fly to Pluto! Everything, right?

Now, coming to the life led by the person typing this. It is not very different from what most do. Instead of burning passion, the passion has been buried. How to resurrect it? We are not well versed with voodoo techniques. 

So, let me do what a mortal can do - Writing the wishes down.

Don't be discouraged to read further. I promise you that my wishes are not crazy. Not crazy enough for me! How crazy can one get? Curious? Read on.
1. The world is such a beautiful thing. It doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not, you have to accept that the creation is an absolute wonder. When the whole world is such an adorable piece of art, how can one sit idle. This is it.
I will travel.

Traveling to different places, eating different food, meeting different people. You get to know their culture, their likes and dislikes as a community, their way of worship. Everything. Everything what the other person does is always interesting. I have heard someone say it. Human beings are one curious bunch of people. May be that is the reason behind my travel instinct, but the final word is, I would like to travel the world. 

By traveling the world, I do not mean going to exotic foreign locations, staying in five star hotels and sipping champagne. In my dictionary, travel means to go exploring.
We have not found even half of the nature's glory.

So, Exploring.

2. In the early days, man used only hand gestures for communication. The sophisticated form of communicating through a language came much later.
Isn't it a wonder? How the people would have made a language? Different people in different areas, yet they speak similar languages. Aren't these making the head go a little fuzy. 

Language. Language is the form of communication. Way of expressing.
My second wish if I could live a care free life is, to learn a new language. As a true Indian, I am familiar with my mother tongue and English. But I want to know more. 

I have always dreamed of knowing at least 5 languages. All the languages completely. By learning the language, you can learn about the human mentality and behavior.
I am not aiming to be an anthropologist, but a new language is such an exciting option.

3. Books. What can I say about them? They are absolutely the love of my life. What if I could make the 'love' a little better?
I must have been seven or eight when I made the decision. 

I have written a short story and when it circulated among the family, resulting in praises for me, I decided that I wanted to be a writer.

If I could live without any worries for the rest of my life, I think I could fulfill the dreams of that seven year old girl. Seeing my name as the author's name is a long standing dream. And I would like to make it into something more than just a dream.

4. The river is flowing slowly. The river bed is looking fertile and the sun is about to set. The sun is seen with a red hazy background. The trees have started to look like a silhouette.

What will I be doing? 

What will I do with a guaranteed happy life?

I would like to see myself etching that stunning scenery. The pencil sketches had always been my favorite. The stroke of the drawing pencil against the matted paper was something to die for. When you have completed a drawing, the happy feeling that spreads within you is simply irreplaceable.

5. Luck. Fortune. Are they even related?
Might be, at least for some. I would say I am fortunate to have seen and enjoyed this much in my life. What about the underprivileged? What wrong did they do? Nothing. Yet, they have to struggle to get a morsel of food, that you are yet to appreciate. 

If my life is going to be happy enough, I would like to make some other people happy too. I cannot play God, but I can do my part.
I can teach a child for free. I can start a school for them. I can sponsor some children.
You can ask me whether I can do all these now? Why not?

But, Charity begins at home.
Only if you are steady and happy, you can take others into your wing.

When I sat down to think about what I wanted to do, I never thought I will come up with this. But I have. I have surprised myself.

So, come on! Go and make yourself a wish list and proceed on towards fulfilling it.
Now, which one should I do first?

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