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She looked at her child. The child was looking back at her with eyes that could melt anyone.

The mother and the child looked at each other. The baby looked at her as if requesting her not to make him sleep.

Nothing doing! came the mother's reply.

He pouted his lips and made cute eyes at his mother. Though, just looking at her son made her the happiest lady in the world, she really wanted to make him sleep. 

Sleep was just not for his son. 

But the times have changed. She had a new plan that day and she was going to execute it!
She took him in her arms.

He was born before 5 months. After 7 years of marriage and innumerable visits to the infertility clinics, she had given up. But, good things happen only when you least expect it and when she found herself pregnant, her joy knew no bounds. 

The motherhood is the most joyous period in a woman's life and she couldn't wait to see her baby.
After 280 days, Aaditya was born. He was such a sweet boy and she had cried when she first held him in her arms.
Those moments were always etched deep into her heart and soul.

So, when her precious baby cried in the middle of the night, she felt her heart bleed. He used to wake up and cry his heart out. Who can bear to see it? That too, especially a mother? No, she couldn't. 

Though she was ready to spend sleepless nights to make her son sleep, it was just a mystery for her. It was a few days after that she found the reason for her little one's incessant cry. Wet diaper.

She had researched a lot when choosing a diaper. There were many and her mind was overloaded with specifications. But, only the best for her kid, and she was ready to spend the time and energy for it. She had chosen a particular diaper and it looked like she hasn't done a very good job. Weren't those diapers supposed to keep him dry? 

That is when she heard about Pampers. Pampers keeps the baby dry and so the child could enjoy the whole night's sleep without waking up from the wet diaper.
Having found a  solution for her problem, she was sure about her son's good sleep.

As she held her son in her arms then, she felt a surge of emotions running through her. She promised herself that she would make him the greatest person alive, that she will take care of him forever, and much much more. 

Aaditya started recognizing his mother at his 3rd month, and now made a sound, which could very well be called 'cooing'. 

She started talking to him. 
'What does the baby darling want?'
'Don't you want to sleep?' 

And Aaditya, as if he can understand his mother's talk, gave another cooing sound. It was a language that only he and his mother can understand.

She too started making nonchalant sound and he laughed out loud.
'Now, shall we sleep cutie pie?'

And as if giving consent to his mother's request, he gave another cooing.
She made him lie down on the bed and on tickiling him with one hand, she lifted both his legs and in one sweeping motion, the old diaper was off. The soft bottom was wiped clean and it was time for the new Pampers diaper. 

He was laughing the whole time and this just surprised his mom, because it was always crying when changing diapers .

'What made you so happy today?'
'Won't you share it with your mom?'
'Won't you?'

He was laughing, when she had completed replacing the diaper.
The mother and the baby duo laughed heartily and the mother changed his clothes as well. She took him and placed him in his cradle. As soon as she placed him in it, he extended both his hands in an embracing position. 

'What dear? Are you afraid?'
'Amma is here. Amma will be here till you wake up'

Aaditya pouted his lips and was on the verge of crying. She gently started to rock him and started a lullaby. 

Aararo... Aararo...Aariraro,
Kanmaniye... Ponmaniye...

Aararo.. Aararo.. Aariraro...
Chella mayile... Pon mayile...

Aararo.. Aararo... Aariraro...

En Chellame.. Kannurangu...
Aararo... Aararo.. Aariraro...
Aararo... Aararo...

The smooth voice calmed him down and the smile returned. He too started rhyming his cooing with her.

Soon, his eyelids became heavy and he was fighting it hard to keep his eyes open. She continued her lullaby and he was finally asleep. 

She gently took his palms and placed it on her cheeks. She looked at him, her baby sleeping with a smile fixed on his face. She wished to God that his smile should forever be there, even when he grew old. She wanted him to be happy always. Happy forever.

She gently kissed the palm of his hand, and this made him to give a stir in his sleep.  When he grew older, he will reciprocate the affection and kisses.

For now, she wanted him to have a good sleep and Pampers will help her achieve it.
She rocked the cradle again for a few minutes and smiled happily at her son.
Her wish had been granted with Pampers.

This post is written for Indiblogger Happy Hours contest for Pampers.

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