Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Change is the only constant thing in the universe. Without it, our life cannot move forward. It would become boring and eventually you will come to hate the dull life. But when the chance for a change knocks at your door, you must have the courage to let it enter your life. If you are a coward to take it up, then the future has no hopes in it.

I have always been a person who likes a constant change in life. Constant change doesn’t mean inconsistent and I had always welcomed it with open hands.

I have never been afraid to face the challenges that may arise due to the changes. But on one such occasion, I did think a lot. Read on to know more about it.

Getting into college is one of the most important decisions one has to take. In our country, most of the students are pressurised to take up what their parents decide for them. Some parents want to see themselves in their children and force their opinions on them. Some parents just want their children to satisfy their wishes, which they themselves couldn’t achieve. 

We call ourselves an independent country, but most of the students cannot exercise their rights in taking up their own favourite course. If they voice their opinions against their parents, they have to face the wrath of the parents, their blackmails and finally succumb to the parental pressure.
Going from school to college itself is a big step in a teenager’s life and parents really do not help by mounting the pressure. Let us go into that phase of my life.

The twelfth standard results were out and the marks have been to the satisfaction of my parents and family. I was not the least bothered about the marks because I have already decided my next step in life and that didn’t involve these marks.

As soon as the results arrived, the discussions about college were going at a full swing at home. Whenever a relative or friend suggested something, I would merely nod my head and expressed happiness for their suggestion. 

Though many of the family members discussed their suggestions regarding the courses and the colleges, the main discussion was about to happen with my parents.

One day after dinner, my parents called me. I was expecting it to happen soon and it was no wonder when they suggested me to take up a different course, which would be engineering. I patiently listened to their talk for half an hour and at the end of it, told them about my decision to take up English Literature as the major course in college. 

Anything other than Engineering and Medicine will be looked down up by most parents and it was sad to see that my parents were not an exception. 

They were aghast at my suggestion and they told me that I had to fend for myself in the future and taking up my favourite course will not help me much. I told them that I wanted to become a writer and my choice would definitely help me in achieving my dream.
They looked at me as if I was mad. 

When they had completed their talk, which involved mostly about the demerits of me taking up English Literature, I was a little confused.
A confused mind is a dangerous one and I soon learned that.

The word soon spread in the family circle and everyone dropped home just for the purpose of drawing me away from the demons they saw. Soon, my mind started to accept their facts and though my conscience cried deep within me, I was so full of others opinions, that I barely heard it.
A guilt trip was what I was going through and I didn’t have the age to understand it.  But a deep wish will never go unheard. It doesn’t matter how may interventions it faces, in the end it will win eventually.
I had applied for the engineering colleges too and the counselling also saw my gracious attendance.
When the post arrived a week later, I was expecting my acceptance letter to one of the best colleges. But what actually arrived was the acceptance letter to one of the best arts colleges in the country. I myself was surprised as I had totally forgotten that I had applied. 

The next day saw the arrival of another post. My marks had been good and I had got a place in one of the best engineering colleges and the place was so near to my home.

Everyone was happy, but I wasn’t. I was constantly staring at the admission letter to the English Literature course and contemplating my decision. The fog in my mind started to clear.

I went to my parents and after asking them to listen patiently, told them my dreams and aspirations in life. I also told them that I didn’t want to take up a course I do not like and I really wanted to become a writer. I told them that wanting to become a writer is also an ambition and asked them to consider my options. I didn’t receive a response from them immediately. I think they were just too stunned to speak. But they accepted it and I could see their confidence in me.

I am lucky to have such parents, for they accepted my dreams. I did not need their acceptance, but I wanted it.
I wanted to take up my favourite course and though it was very far from my place, I finally went there. 

A new place with my favourite major to study was definitely better than the other course.
It took me a lot of courage to approach my parents and lot more to convince them. If I had not taken that big step in my life, I would still be chasing that dream.

Going after our dreams too require a lot of courage and it was the greatest change in my life.

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