Saturday, 14 March 2015

Together we can achieve dreams!

Life has become so competitive nowadays. For everything, you need to compete with thousands and thousands of people. Sometimes you emerge a winner, but sometimes you are just a part of the remaining people waiting for the day to reach the winning spot.

Some failures don’t affect you much, but some affect you more. At those times, you need someone more than yourself to lean on. That is when your most loved ones enter. Most of the times, you don’t find the need or time for them in your life. Such a mechanical life is what we are all leading nowadays, and we just don’t care. The time for relations and friends are diminishing more than ever, but those are the relations that need to be cherished and those relations form the backbone of your success.

As I have said earlier, some failures drain the life out of you. You may feel like living with a Dementor character from the Harry Potter series, which sucks the happiness in a person.

 I faced a similar situation a few months back.

When you complete your 10+2, the college is your next step. You enter it with the joy and determination. Most of us complete that part of life successfully too.

But once you complete your college, your real life starts.You are no longer a student. You are expected to do things you have never done in the past twenty or so years.

After having completed my UG degree of MBBS, I finished my internship and started preparing for the All India Entrance for Post-Graduation. Without it, you will be nowhere in this world and every Doctor who is a PG Aspirant knows it. As the thirst for learning and doing higher studies increased, the number of people aspiring to do specialization increased too. 

But the seats are in the ratio of 1:1000 and you have to fight with all your capacity to stay in the competition.

As like everyone, I too prepared and sat for the entrance exams. There were many exams to attend and you will feel the need to write all of it, if not the most of it.

After having done my part, I was waiting with bated breath for the result to come. I was confident in myself and I was too excited waiting for the results, to do anything else.

The result day for one of the exams arrived, but I had not secured a good rank in the All India Entrance. I was shocked to see my results.

My parents were not at home when the results came and I didn’t know what to do.

An idle brain is a devil’s workshop and it was rightly proved in my case. I started thinking silly and useless things which I had not entertained earlier. The feeling of helplessness surrounded me. What I was going to do in my life became my nightmare. I concluded myself that I was worthless as I have not secured what I had wanted. I was filled with such useless thoughts and despair was engulfing my soul.

The thought that I could wait for the result of the next entrance never entered my mind and I felt as if my whole life was lost. The whole day was spent thinking over such mundane ideas and the evening soon came.

My parents returned home that evening. Parents are so special and they understand your feelings better than you and no amount of camouflaging will escape from their eyes.

They soon found my sad and sullen face and when I told them the reason, they were shocked too, for I had told them about my possible anticipated success.

But they were not disappointed as me or in me.
They made me sit down with them.

When I sat down at that day in front of my parents, I was drained off the optimism, which I needed that day.

My mom told me, that one failure doesn’t determine my knowledge and intelligence, and she also told me, that I should take it as a lesson and consider it as a ladder to reach a greater height than the one I intended. She then told me a story of our former president Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. She told me how he was rejected for the place he truly wished for, but how he got a different post which was better for him than the one he wished for. She also told me that everything that happens was for good and if I had tasted only success, I would have become over confident, and that, I should work harder the next time.

My Dad, the ever practical person, told me, that, results of other exams were yet to come, and he was sure that I will get a good rank in all of those. And finally he said, if not that year, I could always repeat the exams next year, and one more of year of extra learning will come in handy for me in the future, if at all it happened.

They spoke with me for some time and though they were just words, they were mixed with feelings. In their words I caught sense of the hope and the love they had for me, and the pride which was so evident in their words made me happy and feel confident about myself. All those feelings were not said openly, but they existed in the words which were spoken and my feelings of loss and gloom vanished into thin air.

I felt alive, fresh and was flooded with hope. The optimism provides the hope you need and hope is will take you in your journey forward.

My family was there for me when I needed them the most, and they supported me in all my decisions, and saw pride in my achievements.

It was the strength that they gave that made me achieve my goals and attain my dreams.

The relations close to you, your parents and friends are the people who will say that #Together you can achieve your dreams and with them comes the confidence and the success.

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  1. Great post! It good to have your family at your side in bad moments, as you say, following a career can be very difficult, just because of that competitive nature that we have. But with optimism and hard work I think we can overcome anything. Here is some more info on personal obstacles when pursuing your dreams if anyone is interested.