Thursday, 7 May 2015


Suspense is something that evokes many sleeping souls. The soul will be wandering like a hopeless ghost searching for its physical counterpart.

Such a factor has been employed for EK NAYI LEAGUE.

The title in itself talks about a new league. Nothing else could be found out by it's name. And Kapil Dev is not ready to divulge any further about it.

By not giving us the full details, the show has created a huge interest among people, even before it is launched!

On seeing the videos, you can understand that Mr.Kapil Dev is talking about an interesting game show for celebrities. And he has also added that if played with heart, the person is sure to fail.

Now, with the mix of the words that have been said and the words that have not been said, we have been left with little information to mince upon.

With all the events happening around it, the #EkNayiLeague has been trending for sometime.

The challenge has been given to the celebrities. Since Kapil Dev has been involved, my guess would be that it should be related to Cricket or to Sports as a whole. And he also has challenged that if one uses his or heart in place of his mind, he is bound to fail.

So, what should be used? Follow your heart has been advised a lot. But there seems to be a contradiction here.

Heart or Mind? This has been a huge debate going around for ages. But the divine answer is yet to be found. I have blogged about the topic here.

Now, when you should not be using your heart, the natural process is to use your mind.

So the new league, which we have talked so much about must be about a new show like a quiz show for example, involving sports persons or a sports quiz show for the common public.
What is it? What is it? Till when should we breaking our heads for the elusive answer.

Not so long, because it is launching soon and the unanswered question will be answered.

If it is a quiz show, how is it going to be done? With Kapil Dev sitting in front of the participant and asking questions, to which the participant answers? It will be a cliché. Just like every other quiz shows conducted all over the world. I guess it will be held in a different way, as it might be a sports quiz.

Also it has been said that following your heart will make you lose the game. So, we must follow our mind, right? Then it is a game for intellectuals. Follow your mind and you win! Use your brain to gain! Will these be the exclamations that will be used? I wonder!

The name has been given as Ek Nayi League! League is always associated with some sort of sports. Since Mr.Dev is a cricketer himself, it might be about cricket.

But as a final conclusion, I would like to guess it as a Talk show hosted by Kapil Dev, where celebrities will honor the podium. It might be.

But, we could only guess. But keep guessing while you are waiting for the screens to open to let out the secret behind the show. Then, we can all say, 'Oh! Yes! I guessed it right, didn't I?'

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