Saturday, 9 May 2015


Who is a Mother?
She is a wonder.

Why do I say so?
Because, I know so!

Read the following with all your might,
If not, it won't be a pretty sight.

Everyone should be in hostel for an year,
Leaving home where people are so dear.

Stressful life is not for everyone and I count myself in that category.
What is so stressful?
If anyone would ask me that question, my answer would be 'Hostel Life'

In hostel life, you learn more about yourself than the world. At home, you will be the only naughty brat.
But, groups of brats live together in hostels and that life is really tough.
Even the hellish hostel life varies from school to school and college to college. But, all lack the same soulful thing, that is the lack of a caring soul.

Mothers are born to care. You will never know that a soulless carefree person could become a thoughtful careful person. But it happens through motherhood. Why are the mothers born like that? No, to rephrase my question, why do mothers behave like that? You have to be one to understand.

So, why am I mixing mothers and hostels? They are nearly oxymorons and they both have an equal standing in the opposite sides in a battlefield. If I am doing such a mix, which is worse than the remixes, there will be a reason.

Everything happens in life for a reason and I am not going to deny you that reason.

It was a tiring day. It had been a day where I had been walking and roaming around the whole day in the hospital. I am an intern and my co-intern let me down by absenting herself. I was left to deal with the very emotional Female Ward. Even the nurse was such a lazy goose that day and I felt as if the heavens have turned against me. The day soon got over and I was drained.

I felt so tired that I would have slept in a bed in the ward. Even if they were going to start an I.V line , I wouldn't have worried. But that was not possible and I dragged my numb limbs to my hostel room.
As soon as I opened my room, a pleasant sight awaited me. OK! Not so pleasant! The room was a mess! Yes, I accept it.
It had been a week with continuous duties that lasts for some 36-48 hrs and I didn't care where I throw my towel or my plate.
I vacated my bed and it looked good enough to sleep. As soon as my body hit the bed, the lovely combo had sent away my wakefulness.
I slowly opened my eyes to see my room filled with darkness. The darkness was covering my room and some sharp sound was piercing the darkness like a sharp blade and the sound had disturbed the peaceful sleep.
It was my phone. And it was a promotional offer call from the mobile company. I hastily cut the call and tried going back to sleep. But my stomach too has woken up and I had to fill something to pacify it. But it was midnight and the mess would have been wiped clean.
I tried searching for snacks. I was able to find a packet of biscuits, which I had opened previously and had wrapped it back carefully with a rubber band.
The crispness was intact, but my heart bled. It was not enough!
Another screeching sound! It was my phone! Don't get me wrong, when I say 'piercing' or 'screeching' for my phones ringtone. It is a soft Melody, but the time it started ringing was not so appropriate.
I was sure, it was another call from the company or the night duty intern calling to ask about a patient. But, it was neither of them. It was a call from home.

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