Friday, 15 May 2015

Get going with the Airtel App

Having used Airtel services for a long time, I can vouch for the quality to a certain degree. Now, the company has introduced the new Airtel App.

Let me tell you about the three key features that will make the app a revolutionary product.

1. The number '1' always has a crucial role and the first and foremost importance of the app is that, this single app combines the services of the Airtel mobile services, Airtel Broadband and also the Airtel DTH. By combining all the three services together in a application, Airtel has made our work easier. If a person is using all the three features offered by the company, then it will be hugely beneficial for him by making it easier for the person to avail services. Nowadays, a person has to search for a shop offering DTH services and pay for the services and in the end, the query may still remain a query. By introducing the app, the Airtel has made it easier for the customer to get himself various services and offers provided by the company. It will be easier to register a complaint, pay for the monthly charges, get an a-la-carte pack easily. Also, since the present era has become an age of smartphones, the app will be easier to use as many own a smartphone.

2. Now, coming to the second feature, though it is in the second, it is certainly the number one for many. Freebies! Who doesn't like freebies? Freebies delight and excite us. Something for free and who is not ready. In the Airtel app, you get to entice your soul with freebies. Just shake your phone and your personalized Airtel offer is ready. Isn't it wonderful? You get offers like Cash back, Free data etc. If something is for free, you shouldn't be too specific in the details. That being said, the offers make one of the 3 key features of the app. Such free offers will always be a delight in the life of a student with a low budget.

3. The Easy to use facility. If you have forgotten to recharge your DTH account and you suddenly want to see the cricket show in the night, you can easily recharge it from the vicinity of your home and enjoy the match effortlessly. Phew! Imagine the same situation without the app. Search for a shop in the dearth of the night and recharge should be done before your match starts. Or else you will end up watching only the presentation ceremony without even knowing why the player is being awarded. Wouldn't that be awkward?
In a time like that, the app will save our precious time and also the even more precious match watching moments.
This app will not only be easy for DTH services alone, it will also be easier for other services like Airtel broadband and Airtel mobile services. You can recharge at any time of the day from your app and you don't have to search for the shops relentlessly. Also, the app will provide you with awesome offers. So, you don't have to wait for the offers to be announced to recharge your data balance or talk balance.

These are the three key features according to me. I have mentioned only the above three as the key features, because those three were the ones that struck me, as soon as I opened the app. I have been using it for a very short period and I hope to find many more hidden aspects of the application soon. The app has other remarkable features which will be visible to you once you  start using it.
The App can be downloaded from the Android Play Store for all the Android users out there. If you are not an Android user and if you are someone who has iOS for the operating system, just wait a bit more, because the app for iOS is on the way according to the company.

All the opinions expressed above are from me after using the App.

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