Thursday, 25 June 2015

Book Review - Merjella by Yuvaraja Dhayanithi

Jella, the octopus, is the rightful ruler of Zypher, a kingdom at sea. But her father was killed and the kingdom was taken over by the evil Chiro. She has no one but two little friends, Qwerty and Bingo. She has to win back Zypher and free her people.

Marina is an eminent scientist and she has no clue about her contributions to the world. Her inventions are at wrong hands and posing a great threat to the world. She is the only one who can save the world.

Jella finds Marina stabbed and left to die I'm her sea. In a magical intervention, together they discover each other's life experiences, but did they reclaim their destiny?

Book Title: Merjella
Author: Yuvaraja Dhayanithi
Publishers: Partridge
Pages: 180

My Review:

This book makes you think twice before you start to read. I will pay the attribute to the cover page. The front cover shows a blonde girl catching a miniature human by a fish rod, from a fish tank with a flying fish nearby. It is a painting and it conveys the message that it is for children. But 'Don't judge the book by its cover' holds good here.

The story starts with Jella, an octopus and her friends, Bingo and Qwerty with Jella's caretaker and their mentor, Mimico. The group takes a trip to Zypher, which is ruled by the evil Chiro. Mimico wants to get back the land of Zypher from Chironers.

But his young companions couldn't understand the logic behind it and the mighty mimico narrates the long lost story of Zypher. He tells them that the land was once ruled by Tarjo, a Jellopus who was Jella's father too. He also tells them that Jellopuses are powerful creatures and also continues to tell them the evilness behind the capture of the land by Chiro. He concludes by saying that Jella is a Jellopus.

The story then goes in fast paces with the mimico in Zypher and Jella finding her powers as a Jellopus. Soon, Jella finds herself in a position to save her native land.

At sea, when she tries to save a lady,Marina from dying, a mysterious event happens and she becomes Merjella. What is the meaning behind it? Who is behind the group of animals which behave in a uniformly odd way? That forms the remaining of the story.

Overall the book formed an interesting read. It was interesting to read about the fishes act the way the humans do. In the beginning, the story looked like a child's read. And as the story proceeds, the book contains interesting and boring pages. It seemed a mix of moods and emotions.

After a few pages, I did not feel compelled yo proceed with the book. The initial involvement that I had with the book started to fade little by little and by the end, the story poured little oil into the fading light to make it work. But one thing I really enjoyed in this book was the storyline. It was so interesting to read and only if the author had developed it a little more, it would have been even more wonderful to read.

The author should be appreciated for the effort put in and if some minor flaws are looked into, it is no doubt that his future books will outshine the current one.

My rating : 6.5/10

I would like to thank the author for sending the book for review. The opinion expressed in this review is entirely mine.

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