Thursday, 25 June 2015

Overcoming the procrastination!

Procrastinating the procrastination.

Some of you question about my ability to deal with such a topic. One look at the blog for the past few months and the readers would have been reminded of the drier than the driest land. Near to very few posts. So, can I write about such a topic?
The very fact that I have decided to write about the topic proves that something has changed.
Come on! Let us move in on with our topic.

So, is procrastination such a bad thing?
I won't say so.
Procrastination is not a bad thing. It tends to happen once in a while to all mortal human beings. But being in the same state without any signs of recovery sounds like a bad thing.

Why do we procrastinate?
Because we want to?

Let us deal with an example.
I am returning home after an exhausting day at work. As soon as I insert the key, my room welcomes me with the unwashed clothes, with the trash waiting to be cleared out. I am so done for the day and I just go to sleep even ignoring the noisy hunger pangs.
So, now, have I done a mistake?
Haven't I?

I can very well do the same thing after a good nights rest. But if I am returning to the room which is clearly in the same state from two days back, then I am definitely not in the right road.

What do we need to do to be free from the clutches of the evil 'procrastination'?

Just be yourself. Life is something so lovely and wonderful and let it stay that way without the rules restricting the innocent soul to fly far and reach the eternity.
You are your own leader. You are your own salvation. Don't fool yourself by searching it in others.
Start looking at yourself. Start searching yourself.

Do you feel like procrastinating? Just think about how guilty you will feel by looking at the greasy stains at the bottom of the pan? If done now, tomorrow will hold a better time for you to use it in a special way.

Tomorrow always bring hope in our petty minds. Then why bring down the hope with loaded vessels and clothes and assignments?