Friday, 10 July 2015

The lean way

What do you think of a person coming in front of you with flabby arms and a dress too tight? What all images cross your mind? What all words enter your thoughts?
All these thoughts might lead to one single word and that would be 'a lazy fellow'!
A lazy fellow indeed!
What are the reasons for being obese? Birth causes? Genetic causes? Medical causes? Much more?
Except for medical causes, everything could be fought and changed with an enthusiastic will.
Who likes to be overweight? Who likes to be obese? Most of the people will be the answer.
Laziness leads to a dull mind, a dull lifestyle and eventually obesity.
Obesity is a problem which should be treated from the roots. Dietary changes and lifestyle modifications should be made and the most important thing to fight the obesity problem is the 'belief', a person has within himself.
If a person believes that he can change, and if he has good faith in that resolve, he is bound to adhere to the rules and regulations that will make his outcome fruitful. If a person lacks the necessary will, though he goes to a great trainer, he will not get the desired result.

My opinion regarding the weight loss is that the person should believe in himself first. Next comes the diet.
Diet. Upon hearing the word 'diet' a person may be reminded of the things regarding starvation and fasting. But the diet actually means the food you take.

Balanced diet is something which comprises of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals in proportion to the needs of the body. A balanced diet is very important for the body to maintain the homeostasis or the normal metabolism in the body. 

We have all heard about no-carbohydrate diet, the no-fat diet, vegan diet, fruit diet and much more. These diets which include only some of the nutrients and exclude most of the nutrients is not good for the body in the long run. 

Proportionate intake is needed and observing it will lead to the lean shape, that is so desired!
On observing crash diets, the metabolic equilibrium of the body is disturbed leading to imbalance in the nutrients and the body will never be back to normal after observing crash diets for long term.

Honey is something which can be called as a nature's gift to human beings. Honey is so good for health and it's importance cannot be explained in one blog post.

Put the words 'Honey' and 'diet' in your brain and it will process out the word ' The honey in hot water diet'
This has been an age old advice for all the aspiring ones. Mix it in milk and you feed a malnourished kid.
Mix it in hot water and feed for an over nourished kid. It is sweet and it reduces weight. Do we need a sweeter diet recipe than this?

Mix 2 teaspoons of honey in a glass of hot water. Mix well and drink it! Voila!
The morning refreshment for your internal software.And you are good to go!

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