Sunday, 27 December 2015

Unleash the force within you!

How will a great invention inspire me?

One can see me sitting, cozily in a chair; early in the morning; with music playing in my ears and my fingers dreamily typing away.

Those early morning hours brings out the freshness to the brim and the sweet smell of the morning air awakens in you innumerable senses which you didn't knew existed.

So, by replacing my dull and boring present laptop with the all new HP Star Wars special edition laptop, i will try to awaken the force within me and you never know

When i meant early morning, it is actually too early or even midnight for some people and in the chilly months of December and January, the sun becomes a lazy bum and you have to depend on the late scientific inventions to go about your daily chores at that death may strike time.

And if you are sharing rooms,(which is an entirely different topic in itself, which i would like to discuss later) you will know the irritation and suffering brought on by just one light switch that might end up on your roommate's side and Alas! you are doomed if she prefers not to touch it!
So, in the dark times (my early mornings), the backlit keypad that glows like in the same colour of my spirit will be immensely useful to fight off the strain i might put on my eyes.

And when the four walls of my room seem to be shrinking(i am not claustrophobic!), the fresh air is a welcome relief! But, you have to strain your eyes for clarity! But with this new Star Wars special edition, i can happily type away when the sun is shining at it's best!

And as a(an aspiring) writer, the greatest fear i have is someone condemning my work.
I have some overeager friends, (enemies to be exact!) who will read my unfinished masterpiece. Their comments change the course of my writing and most often, they remain unfinished.

So, the 'Aurebesh font' present in this particular edition of laptop will come in handy to turn my drafts into space language and my human friends can never read them! That will be one huge life saver and a great way for a master storyteller to complete her masterpiece!
Just imagine their faces, when they open the draft and find it everything in aurebesh font! Cant wait to play prank!

The creation of a masterpiece is a mammoth task in itself, and it will take lots of hard work and commitment towards it. But, the most important thing of all is maintaining your creative channel until you complete it!

This laptop holds lots of images and themes of star wars and what more do you need to keep your flame alive?

And also, it will tell me to widen my imagination to the stars! Why should i curb myself to the pitiful planet called earth, when the whole galactic empire remains feasible at my fingertip.

I have always believed that one person is always made of both good and the bad.  Ying and yang; Jedi and Sith. It helps in maintaining the balance of the force!

The laptop portrays red, the colour of the Sith Lords, of the dark side. Whenever i see them, i can feel the dark force in me arising. Once the dark force arises, only then can the good fight it!
And also, by looking at Darth Vader, mix of good and bad, i am tempted to fall into the philosophy of life and some of my characters in my masterpiece could always use some philosophical advice. Who more than the order of the Jedi knights to give valuable piece of monumental advice?

Darth Vader is an amazing character and each time i look, he seem to say something different. May be his visions are telling something! By placing him in the Desktop, i can stare and stare and never be at the dearth of imagination!
(It's not a crush. Believe me!)

Star Wars era started some decades ago and it still has a cult following.
I could create a charcter like 'Jar Jar Binks'
"Mesa think yousa can do it!"

Or the wise old Yoda or  someone as fabulous as Padme.

The Droids will make me imagine how nice it would be to have a protocol robot like C 3PO, which will make my life easier. A person needs day dreaming often!

And i can even use R2-D2 specialized tone and when i am feverishly typing rubbish... sorry.. carefully constructing the pillars of my masterpiece novel, i will feel like a lord getting commands.
Won't that lift your spirit and give you a  second of delusion?

It has incredible storage space up to 2 TB. I can play games to boost my concentration when my mind becomes numb from constant use. (You have to use it often, so that it will get used to your policy of wear and tear! But tat doesn't matter now) I can store lots and lots and never ever be afraid of being bored because of my own creativity.

And whenever i do not like my rough draft, i can banish it to the death star (the recycle bin). And when it badly needs clearing, i can blast the death star just by a click, when Luke Skywalker took loads of time. He did, didn't he? That too with the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi guiding him.
I will not need that, because technology has improved so much, and i can do that with just one click!
I am even more powerful than the Galactic Empire, aren't I?

Thus, the HP Star Wars special edition laptop will prove to be a great pal for a person like me and a great friend always brings out the best in you!

#AwakenYourForce with an all new laptop and for more specifications visit the official HP site here.