Friday, 15 January 2016

The Golden Sunrise

How heartening it is to see the first day of sunshine reach the land. The warmth that spreads slowly throughout the horizon, leaving way for a day that will answer many queries, quench many thirsts, wipe away many sorrows and give us a hope that will lead us through the dark pathways, ultimately to the final destination.

At night, when you can fight against life no more; when it is time to leave that day, you can weave out a new day, beginning the next morning and life will teach you that it is not your enemy, but actually your dear friend.

And your can identify your enemies better when you are fresh and filled with energy.
The morning gives you the energy you need to make your way through the day.
So, what should be done to make the day even better?

A good beginning is half done and to make the good beginning, all we need is a positive morning!

Mornings are the best part in a day. You would have woken up refreshed forgetting the stress that you have inflicted upon your body. Your mind is fresh with new ideas and your heart will be brimming with good hope for the rest of the day. And if you don't want to spoil all the expectations, the one thing you have to do is try hard to make your mornings turn into golden ones.

The first thing what we all do is brush our teeth. A good brush helps in maintaining good oral health. Colgate 360 Gold and Charcoal brush helps in the complete oral care.

A glass of water in the empty stomach. We might have all heard loads and loads of facts about what a glass of water will do in our body, but only when we really start doing that, we will truly cherish it's values.

Coffee. The smell of freshly made filter coffee mingled with the morning aroma will infiltrate your nostrils and keep your mind fresh. A cup of coffee in your favourite coffee mug is what you all need!

A positive mind.
With a positive mind, you can face whatever your day demands effortlessly rather than trying so hard and failing with a pessimistic attitude and behaviour.

With a great mind and a positive attitude, a great morning can be made into a golden morning!

With a great morning, comes a great day. The appreciation that comes your way so early in the morning will give you the energy and motivation needed until the sun has set and the moon compels you to take a rest.

By using what we can with what we have, we can achieve what we want!